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Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 6 review – a wallet with a premium phone case

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 6 review – a wallet with a premium phone case

I have heard about Twelve South products more than once, but I have never been able to understand the ubiquitous delight that accompanies them. I know that they are made of good quality materials and can boast an original design, perfectly matching the design philosophy of the Apple brand. At the same time, they are very expensive. However, there are plenty of such products on the market. Despite this, a whole lot of people buy Twelve South. Why?

Until I had the opportunity to have any Twelve South product in my hand, my opinion about them was based mainly on photos from the Internet and what I heard.

Were it not for the fact that during this test I had the opportunity to use the Twelve South BookBook, to this day I would not understand what is so magnetic about these products that people reach for them so eagerly, arousing such emotions in them. Courtesy of ALSTOR, I got an extremely original and unusual phone case – Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 6.

It’s not a book, it’s a case

From the outside, the case does not resemble a phone cover. Stylized as an old, tired, leather book, it masks the modernity of the Apple smartphone for which it is dedicated.

The front and back covers are genuine natural leather. There is no eco-leather or any other cheap product. The brand has opted for luxury in the face of animal rights activists. The back is also made of leather, which has been additionally stitched to increase the durability of the case.

There were bumps and ornaments worthy of the Millennium Bible. A phone placed in the BookBook on the bookshelf will not reveal what it really is for any treasures.

The case literally looks like a real book.

It’s not a case, it’s a wallet

Inside the book you will find an insert for installing a smartphone. The model I’m testing is dedicated to the iPhone 6. The offer also includes a version for a larger model with a Plus.

Next to the insert, the first thing that catches the eye is the window through which you can see a document or a payment card. In the case of my case model, we can hide as many as 5 such plastics in the BookBook.

The iPhone 6 Plus case allows you to store one more card.

Despite the high popularity of electronic payments using payment cards, contactless payments based on PayPass cards or NFC chips installed with smartphones, as well as services such as BLIK, which allow you to pay in stores and withdraw cash using the code generated by the bank application, still it is impossible to do without cash.

I know that many reviewers of previous BookBook models have complained about the wallet feature of this case that it does not allow you to store cash. This has changed with this model. We can hide the paper money in a side, quite large partition.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not manage to find room for change. Therefore, if we do not mind carrying them in our pocket, BookBook will definitely serve as a wallet in which we will be able to store everything we need every day – documents, cards, cash and a phone.

This is not a book, not a case, not a wallet, but a stand

Another novelty in the BookBook product, and at the same time the practical functionality of the case, is the possibility of creating a comfortable stand for comfortable viewing of multimedia or making FaceTime calls.

It is enough to slightly move the insert with the attached phone towards the center of the case to release the back cover a bit.

This will allow you to tilt the insert in such a way as to turn it into a practical stand and set the phone at an angle that allows you to conveniently watch YouTube videos or a video call, thus freeing your hands.

This is not a book, not a case, not a wallet, not a stand, but a great case

BookBook has one more interesting functionality. Namely, by moving the insert to the left and then to the right, we release it, thus gaining the ability to use the phone without a wallet part, but still having the phone protected against mechanical damage.

The insert is mounted on the catches developed by the company.

They significantly increased the possibilities of the popular BookBook case, thus giving even more possibilities of its use.

The insert, which turns into a practical case, is made of high-quality synthetic material, additionally covered with a pleasant-to-touch and non-slip material.

If not for the holes for the aforementioned hooks, I like the case so much that I would love to buy them even without the wallet part.

This great Twelve solution with a removable liner will close the mouths of haters of this product once and for all, who pointed out to the manufacturer the need to keep the entire wallet to the head in order to be able to talk on the phone.

Here, once, twice, three times and during a longer conversation, we only use the phone with the insert detached from the wallet.

The detachable insert also allows you to easily use the phone plugged into a car holder or a desk stand, eg HiRes from Twelve.

However, without removing the insert, you can successfully photograph or film.

All thanks to the fact that the case has a suitable cutout for the camera built into the phone.

How was it?

The first thing you feel after taking the BookBook in your hand is the amazing texture of high-quality leather and of course its smell.

I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of the leather used to trim the car seats and cockpit, especially if it’s high-quality leather. This is what was used to create this cover.

Unfortunately, I could not find information about the type of leather used to cover the cover, but the inside of the BookBook is undeniably high-quality Alcantara.

The manufacturer took great care of details, such as matching the thread to a specific skin color, lining the partitions and cutouts.

The case itself is also made of a solid quality plastic material, at the same time it fits perfectly and has all the leads for the phone keys.

You probably ask yourself how it is with the comfort of everyday use of this case.

When I answer a call quickly, I know that it will be short, I do not play the case in order to talk.

I fold the cover back and talk. The compartment filled with cards does not in any way interfere with the comfortable conduct of conversations. However, when I know that I will be making several different calls, one longer, the other shorter, and at the same time I will write some e-mails or text messages, I unplug my phone from my wallet. Needless to say, it is more convenient that way.

There is nothing to prevent the phone from unplugging the wallet every time. The handles seem to be solid, detaching the cell phone is just a moment worth taking, thus gaining the ability to take only one thing from home, which combines the functions of a protective case for the phone and wallet.

When it comes to the overall dimensions of the case, in which we can put a few cards and cash, and additionally a phone, you have to bear in mind that, like not every traditional wallet, we can hide in a jeans pocket, and this Twelve brand is not always suitable for them will fit.

The dimensions are acceptable, but this cover cannot be said to be small.

To sum up

Extremely stylish and original Twelve South BookBook case is a high-class premium product that will suit the tastes of the most demanding iPhone users. Perfectly finished in every detail, thought out for every eventuality and customer need. Does it have any disadvantages? Yes, it is the price.

At http://sklep.BestyGame we can find this cover in two color versions – brown and black for the price of PLN 299. It’s a lot for a case, but quite acceptable considering that for this amount we buy not only a case, but also a stylish wallet. Models for older iPhones are slightly cheaper, and for the biggest BookBook fans, the manufacturer offers a similar case for computers and tablets. Would it be nice to have such a BookBook at home?



The test case was provided by ALSTOR