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  5. Two weeks with Nest Hub, the Google assistant with a screen that wants to revolutionize the kitchen

Two weeks with Nest Hub, the Google assistant with a screen that wants to revolutionize the kitchen

Two weeks with Nest Hub, the Google assistant with a screen that wants to revolutionize the kitchen

Amazon and Google are fighting an interesting battle over smart speakers. Although the former is a sales leader, the internet giant follows behind as one of the companies that has dedicated the most efforts to this type of device that comes to make our lives more comfortable in theory and to act as master of ceremonies. of all the electronic devices that are in a home.

Trying to include under a new brand, Google has brought the Nest Hub to Spain. Your first smart speaker with a display. It has all the powers of a digital assistant, but it brings a differentiating element. That is, with this equipment you can perform the basic operations of this type of device but it has a touch screen of 7 inches with which you can check the traffic status, play video clips or even watch television.

In addition, it has a sensor that allows to regulate the brightness of the screen automatically adjusting to the ambient conditions. This function is very useful to avoid, above all, those terrible flashes of direct light when, for example, we get up to drink water at night. It can be programmed so that the time is shown in several presentations, leave an image captured as if it were a digital frame or, simply, turn it off if we pronounce a phrase that sounds like a joke, “go to sleep.” This will get to black.

With this type of device, in any case, users can control other household appliances such as lights or thermostats, as long as they are compatible. And also request useful information from the assistant by voice or consult the surveillance cameras, whose images will appear from the panel. It is a very complete smart speaker that even has an interpreter mode, so that it can translate what is requested in real time into more than 20 languages.

The company demonstrates with this device that it has improved the voice recognition system. It is more precise, you can speak to it in a more natural way and it recognizes it on the fly. Even at a certain distance since it has a range of several meters. It recognizes up to six different voices, allowing you to customize tasks and suggestions. These are details, for example, that far surpass other types of similar competing devices such as Apple’s HomePod that, Although it is good audio equipment, it is more limited in smart features.

The truth is that, although it has a screen, it is not an ad hoc tablet. In that sense, it is more of a limited gadget, but it is quite useful. You cannot install applications as if it were an Android, but it is especially interesting to place it in the kitchen. That’s where maybe it performs better. Also in the living room, since it serves as a digital photo frame, but in the kitchen is where it gains weight. It can be used as a kitchen assistant to follow the steps of a particular recipe or watch your favorite show. Or video calls to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Price: 131 euros Buy it on Amazon