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Update: Demo FIFA 08 won’t be released in Europe today after all

Update: Demo FIFA 08 won’t be released in Europe today after all

The FIFA 08 demo announced today has been delayed at the last minute for our continent, also known as Europe. This applies to both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 demo.

The continent where football is so popular is unfortunately plagued by technical problems, Electronic Arts reported. “We’re sorry to have to tell everyone that the FIFA 08 demo won’t be launching in Europe today as was expected. Although the demo is being released in North America there were a couple of issues which we couldn’t get ironed out in time to release today despite working through out the night to get these sorted.” The good news is that EA expects to release the demo in Europe very soon. The demo will feature seven playable teams: Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, America, NY Red Bulls, Manchester United, Marseille and Bayern Munich.

Update 18:40: Our observant readers had already seen it, of course, but the FIFA 08 demo has now gone online on the PlayStation Network. At least they take the term ‘very soon’ seriously at EA! A quick check on Xbox Live tells us that the demo isn’t available there yet, but we expect that to change soon.

Like many previous years, a new FIFA game will be released in the fall. For fans of the series it is a pleasure every year to get started with the next part, although the critics are always crying out for more innovation. In any case, expect a lot of licenses, competitions, cup tournaments and an interactive league this time. In addition, the new Be a Pro mode, in which you can take control of a single player in the field, will be introduced, and the ‘pace’ function will be further improved to perform various feints and tricks with technically gifted players. Furthermore, FIFA 08 is also all about more control, because you will now be able to send your through passes much more accurately and tailor-made and you also get more control over your keeper.

FIFA 08 will be released on September 27 for almost all platforms.