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Use multimedia channels in customer service

Use multimedia channels in customer service

Avaya, a global provider of systems, software and services for business communication, is expanding its contact center solution portfolio. With the new products, companies can make the best possible use of multimedia communication channels in sales and customer service. On the one hand, they improve direct contact with agents and the use of automated help desks, regardless of the communication channel. On the other hand, they create a more personal and uniform customer experience and enable the integration of social networking platforms.

The new contact center solutions from Avaya pick up on this trend by making service offerings available via the various communication channels. For this purpose, the context of a customer request (history, customer number, etc.) is summarized and made available to the appropriate agent in real time. Problems can therefore often be solved at the first contact and the customer does not have to repeat his information when he is referred. Satisfied customers, higher sales and setting yourself apart from the competition are among the most important advantages of this service model.

The multimedia application “Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2” supports companies in processing customer inquiries by bringing together all important contact persons and customer data in one session. The new functions include simplified collaboration with experts through the integration of the Avaya Session Manager. The agent’s portal automatically displays suitable experts and their availability as soon as a call is received. In addition, managers can generate special views or map large groups of experts, depending on availability and specialist knowledge. Social media applications can also be integrated on the agents’ desktops. Since the agents can automatically pick up and respond to relevant entries on Twitter and Facebook, communication with customers is made easier. Finally, Avaya points to better scalability: By integrating the Avaya Aura Communication Manager, up to 90,000 agents are supported in a single virtual network.

With “Avaya Aura Experience Portal” the automated service platform for inbound and outbound multimedia interactions can be optimized. The integration of the Avaya Aura Contact Center solution enables the seamless forwarding of customer calls – including all relevant data – from the self-service portal to the service employee or to the automated agent. This means that data that has already been entered do not have to be repeated and the customer experience is improved. In addition, more cost-efficient self-services can be implemented by using the Experience Portal within a virtual environment. A single server can thus be converted into a large number of virtual servers. This lowers both hardware requirements and operating costs. The Avaya Orchestration Designer, which implements multimedia self-service solutions based on existing web applications, also enables self-service applications to be developed more quickly. The software includes new development kits for the transfer from self-service to customer service representatives, which is particularly important for a positive customer experience.

Both Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 and the Avaya Aura Experience Portal offer a high degree of investment security. The multimedia functions of the AACC 6.2 are combined with the automatic call distribution of Avaya Aura Call Center Elite. In addition to a uniform user interface, this integration also creates the prerequisites for consistent reporting and administration. The software and tools of the Avaya Experience Portal standardize the migration of the open standards-based Avaya solutions: Interactive Response, Media Processing Server and older versions of Voice Portal.

The company will also present the Avaya Social Media Manager, which can be seamlessly integrated into the contact center solution. With the software, customers can automatically scan content in social networks and check it for relevance. For example, customer service representatives can react directly to comments on Twitter or Facebook, thereby strengthening customer loyalty. In addition, companies benefit from the sharpening of their own brand profile and open up new sources of income via social media channels with customer service. The most important functions of the Avaya Social Media Manager modules include: 1. Automatic monitoring of customer feedback using key terms or phrases individually defined by the company: In this way, relevant entries can be distinguished from unimportant posts and forwarded to the processing agent. 2. Tracking of tonality by evaluating the relevant entries in social media networks: trends and actors can be identified in real time in order to initiate necessary reactions promptly. 3. Suggested responses to inquiries from social media networks based on customer and topic history: The agent can use these to communicate more personally with the customer.

In addition to the integration of Avaya Social Media Manager in Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2, Avaya also offers new social media consulting services. Special consulting teams support companies in integrating social media channels into their sales and service strategies. The consulting services follow a uniform methodology and include a general evaluation of social media for the respective company, the development of a customer-specific social media strategy and a roadmap, as well as a detailed implementation plan. The aim is to use these services to safely guide companies through the jungle of new, multimedia applications and thus optimize their customer service.

The market research company Gartner recently confirmed that Avaya is one of the world’s leading market players in the field of contact center infrastructure. In the annual Magic Quadrant report, Avaya is rated as a leader in contact center infrastructure due to its ability to execute and its clear vision (completeness of vision). Gartner names various global trends that will influence the planning of a company’s own contact center infrastructure in 2011: On the one hand, a high demand for multichannel routing including e-mail response management, web chat and customer service solutions. Secondly, it is emphasized that many offers for the area of ​​contact center infrastructure now include functions for optimal personnel planning that were previously only available from providers of selective solutions. Thirdly, there is a reference to social media: Currently, the tools are only used by a few technological pioneers for customer relationship management.