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Using Force Touch on iPhone

Using Force Touch on iPhone

The new technology that debuted with the appearance of the smart watch from Apple begins to emigrate to other devices. Force Touch has recently been implemented in a new type of trackpad in which the latest version of the McBook is equipped, as well as refreshed versions of the already existing Pro apple computer models.

A few months ago, there were also rumors that a solution that responds not only to touch, but also to the force of its pressure, will be on board in future versions of the iPhone over time. This information seems to be confirmed, because the Californian company is seriously considering the use of this technology in its smartphone.

Reports from Taiwanese suppliers of components for apple devices suggest that Apple is considering two options in the implementation of Force Touch technology. Suitable sensors would be located either directly between the windshield and the touch panel, or between the touch panel and the screen illuminating matrix.

It is worth recalling that the Force Touch technology allows you to use pressure to bring up a context menu appropriate for a specific application. This is exactly what it works with the Apple watch and the new type of trackpad. Of course, with time, there will be more applications of this solution. By the way, it’s also interesting whether Apple will unify the design of the iOS system with the interface we know from Apple Watch in the future.

Source: Cult of Mac