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Vendor survey for study “Social Commerce” started

Vendor survey for study “Social Commerce” started

Can people network where they shop online? And will they increasingly buy where they have networked with other people in the future? These questions characterize “social commerce”, and a new practical guide will appear on this in February next year. The study is currently being carried out by Mind Business Consultants together with absatzwirtschaft – magazine for marketing and the marketingIT.de portal. To this end, those responsible carry out a comprehensive survey of providers. It is intended to show the successful integration of social media, e-commerce and mobile and will run until December 22, 2011.

The study is aimed at those responsible in the areas of marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce. It serves as a guide for getting started with social commerce. Specifically, the practical guide is intended to provide assistance with the correct service strategy in the interactive media. It shows how “customer-helps-customer effects” can be created and which rules of conduct should be followed. The practical guide will also provide specific answers on how the service organization and processes can be made fit.
When it is published, the “Social Commerce” study will be available for download free of charge against proof of purchase. After the great success of the first two social media studies “Practical Guide: Social Media Monitoring” and “Practical Guide: Social Media in Customer Service” with more than 6,000 downloads, the authors and cooperation partners expect just as many interested parties.

The questionnaire can be accessed, filled out and sent directly to Mind Business Consultants by email using the link below. It is aimed at solution providers in the areas of e-commerce, CRM, contact centers, community software, mobile marketing, web customer service, email marketing, social media monitoring, business analytics, viral marketing as well as SEO / SMO agencies and Consulting company. The participating companies are listed in the provider overview in the appendix to the study. In addition, all survey participants who responded by December 22, 2011 will receive the free study by email after it has been published.