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Video ad “We’re The Superhumans” gets the biggest buzz ahead of the Rio games

Video ad “We’re The Superhumans” gets the biggest buzz ahead of the Rio games

Respect for the Paralympians: The three-minute video, which is intended to create more awareness of the Paralympics, is the 2016 Olympic spot that has so far been the most shared. This was determined by the video technology provider Unruly before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio.

Channel 4’s Olympic spot, a UK broadcaster paying tribute to Paralympians, is about to win the 2016 Most Shared Olympic Video Ad race.

A recent data analysis from Unruly, the video ad tech company, found that the video We’re The Superhumans of Channel 4 has already achieved more than 1,256,576 shares across all social media channels since it was first published on July 14. With this result, the spot was placed well before the Under Armor brand video ad Rule Yourself, which paid homage to the US swimming legend Michael Phelps on the occasion of his comeback and is therefore silver (308,000 shares).

Most shared video of all time

The excellent performance of being the second most shared video ad of all time at the Olympic Games has secured Channel 4 a permanent place on the Olympic podium, just behind P & G’s spot Best job (2,445,774 shares), which was launched for the 2012 Summer Games.

A second video from Under Armor’s “Rule Yourself” campaign, which US team of gymnasts sets the scene, wins the bronze medal with 186,865 shares. Both Under Armor spots climb to 5th and 8th place in the top 10 rankings for all Olympic spots. The video ad from P&G, the company that Unruly won gold on the Olympic video charts in the last two summer and winter games, currently holds the ungrateful fourth place with its videos Strong, which currently has 180,725 shares.

Nike is the only advertiser with two videos in the top 10 – Unlimited Serena Williams (7th place) and Unlimited Future (Place 10). The sports outfitter has two more irons in the fire for the top 10, the two promotional videos of the Unlimited campaign, which feature the US athlete Allyson Felix and the US gymnast Simone Biles, are already in the top 20 and the other videos the heels.

Top 10 of the most shared video ads about the Olympics 2016

1. Channel 4: We’re The Superhumans


2. Under Armor: RULE YOURSELF


3. Under Armor: RULE YOURSELF


4. P&G: Thank You, Mom – Strong


5. BBC Sport: Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Trailer