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Virtual prototyping reduces packaging costs


Virtual prototyping reduces packaging costs

In the field of packaging development, the focus will be more on development time and costs in the future. With “3D Realtime Design”, Spy Brand Communication, an agency for design and branding, wants to enable product managers to handle the entire creative process of packaging design with refinement options virtually in real time.

Constant quality awareness can only be balanced out with increasing cost, time and competitive pressure through more creativity and a fundamental optimization of the workflow. “As developers, we therefore dealt with virtual prototyping at an early stage. Because this opens up opportunities in terms of quality and time-to-market – for us as designers and for our customers as manufacturers, ”explains Marco Peró, managing partner at Spy Brand Communication.

With “3D Realtime Design” design drafts should be visualized at an earlier point in time. In addition, the quality of the presentation allows the complete waiver of costly and time-consuming production of hand samples, dummies and proofs, and design variants can be developed by Spy in dialogue with customers on site. All in all, this creates the possibility of reducing development costs by up to 40 percent.

The agency sees itself thus prepared for the trend that weights are shifting in the advertising market because the Internet and mobile are replacing the established advertising media. The winner is the packaging that stays because it cannot be saved. As an advertising medium, it gains additional attractiveness, since it has long been known that the majority of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale and that the packaging design is the decisive influencing factor. According to Peró, using packaging more efficiently is a highly topical question, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, but also in the food industry: “In addition to individual brand management advice, we are increasingly offering workshops and concept labs in which we are state of the art Communicate art know-how about packaging design. ”