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VLC now for Apple Watch, control your movies on iPhone and iPad remotely

VLC now for Apple Watch, control your movies on iPhone and iPad remotely

The famous VLC media player comes to the Apple Watch in the form of a remote control

A few days ago the famous VLC media player updated its application for iOS and finally incorporated support for the Apple Watch. For all those who do not know, VLC is one of the most widely used media players thanks in part to its multiplatform nature, open source and its compatibility with almost all possible video formats currently on the market.

Version 2.6 of VLC for iOS that was released a few days ago incorporates some important new features, although perhaps the most outstanding of it -at least for Apple Watch users- is its compatibility with the apple smart watch. What does the VLC app offer for the Apple Watch? It will basically allow us control any movie that we are playing on our iPhone or iPad remote form.

But the thing does not end there, because we will have synchronized all our multimedia library on our wrist, so that we can select the video we want to play, obtain information about the video and control its playback through a series of basic controls such as pause, forward, backward or raise and lower the volume. In addition, if we press Force Touch, we can access a contextual menu in which we will be shown 4 options: all files, music albums, television programs and Now playing.

Each of these buttons will take us to the content that we have tagged in our multimedia library, so remember that the application of VLC for iOS allows you to add movies, videos and music directly from iTunes. The novelties of this new version do not end in the compatibility with the Apple Watch, but we will also have a new mini-player that will allow us to navigate through the library at the same time that we enjoy our content, support for music lists in repetition mode and more.

With VLC for the Apple Watch we will have our entire multimedia library on our wrist

The Apple Watch already remotely incorporates the Remote application, which allows us to control our Apple TV directly from the watch. As we read in iDownloadBlog, the device has great potential as a remote control, not only of multimedia content, but also of other devices such as our car or the objects of our home, something that we hope to see with the progressive arrival on the market of accessories compatible with HomeKit.

Do you already have VLC on your Apple Watch?