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Web traffic is 51.5 percent human

Web traffic is 51.5 percent human

According to the Bot Traffic Report from Incapsula, a website security provider, 51.5 percent of web traffic is directly attributable to human activity

According to the study, this means that for the first time more than half of the data traffic is due to human activity. Another 19.5 percent are caused by harmless bots. An example of this are automatic computer programs that index the content of web offers for search engines.

Take over bots

The rest of the non-human traffic is caused by harmful bots such as impersonators (e.g. DDoS or spy bots), content scrapers (copy content from pages), hacking tools or spam bots. A bot is a computer program that works independently without having to rely on interaction with a human user. Examples of bots are the web crawlers of Internet search engines that automatically visit websites, follow the existing links and evaluate the content of the pages.