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Week Delay for Saints Row 2 DLC Ultor Exposed

Week Delay for Saints Row 2 DLC Ultor Exposed

Last month, developer Volition announced three bundles of downloadable content (DLC) for Saints Row 2. However, the first bundle, called Ultor Exposed, will take a week longer and will be available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on April 23.

Ultor Exposed will feature three new missions, which can be started any time after playing the prologue. A nice feature of these missions is that you can recruit the **** actress Tera Patrick as a ‘homie’. The bundle also includes a new “competitive co-op” mode, in which players get points by destroying as much as possible. The pack also includes six new vehicles, two new maps and additional customization options for your character.

Ultor Exposed will cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.

The real gangstas will soon be covered again with Saints Row 2, the sequel to Saints Row that appeared for the Xbox 360 in September 2006. This time the story is even darker in nature and you have to deal with betrayal and revenge, although there is Still got the humor in the first part. The city is this time more open than ever in any game in the genre and to get through it new vehicles such as boats, planes, motorcycles and helicopters have been added. If you are tired of fighting alone, you can choose to play two-player co-op over the internet.

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Saints Row 2 has already been released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.