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What kind of pressure can a torrent website receive to shut down?

What kind of pressure can a torrent website receive to shut down?

The torrent websites they come and go like the seasons. In 2016 we saw how two of the biggest closed: KickassTorrents and Torrentz. While the first has reopened (despite its manager still under arrest), the second remains closed forever. The culprits? The authorities and organizations that are behind closing any possible website in which this type of content is distributed, and sometimes with pretty serious threats.

Torrent portals that close; torrent portals that open

This has been the case of two very popular websites to search for torrents: dametorrents.net, which is a torrent search engine in Spanish, and findmytorrent.net, which does the same functions, but for torrents in English. These two pages came to replace TorrentES.pw and Torrents.cl, respectively, and in April we discussed the name change, but maintaining the same operation.

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dametorrents.net and findmytorrent.net, the two new torrent file search engines David onieva April 3, 2016 • 14:04

While dametorrents.com continues to operate normally, the English version findmytorrent.net has not been able to continue operating under the same name, and will now be renamed TorrentWarrior.net, with a better design and with the same constantly updated database, in which they do not host any files, but links through iTorrents, the substitute for Torcache. Along with the portal, a new public tracker called InternetWarriors.net has also been created.

Both dametorrents.com and TorrentWarrior.net will be operated by another group called IWTeam, due to the fact that the previous manager of the portals has received pressure from the industry, as is the case of the musical with the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) or the cinema with the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). In addition, the FBI was the cause, among others, of the arrest of the Kickass manager and the closure of Megaupload.

These associations contacted the manager of the web pages by email, assuring him that ‘they were going to go for him’, and that they had managed to identify him in real life, with the intention of suing him and applying the laws of his country of residence, taking all the necessary possible legal action against him. It should be remembered that these associations have nothing to do (in a legal way of course) with government authorities such as the FBI, so the investigation that he found with the creator of the page would originate from the private sphere.

That is why the manager will no longer be in command of the pages and will cease to participate in its management. The accusations were against the English portal findmytorrent.net. The dametorrents.com and TorrentWarrior.net pages have changed location, hosting providers, and disposable server layers have been implemented to hide the real servers.

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What will 2017 hold for portals and services with links to pirated content? David onieva January 1, 2017 • 11:01

Google penalizes pirate websites that receive complaints

This is one of the hundreds of examples that we find on the web of web pages that receive threats of all kinds by the most important copyright associations in the world. These associations wanted Google to completely remove links to web pages that had received complaints from DMCA (Digital Age Copyright Act). Google rejected this measure, and in the end they reached an agreement that simply this type of portals would be seriously penalized in the results.

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New record! Google deletes more than 500 million pirated links Claudio Valero July 18, 2016 • 11:07

This in turn generates more insecurity in users, because if the most popular P2P content portals, and therefore considered safe, rank worse than the less popular and insecure, it is giving rise to the content that users download may be fake or contain viruses.

In short, we see how closing portals is the same as putting doors to the field, as is usually said. If a web page is closed, others will arise, since the need to download will continue to exist among users, and for this they have many alternatives on the network, both in Spanish like in English.

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