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What new products are smartphone makers planning for us in 2018?

What new products are smartphone makers planning for us in 2018?

The mobile segment is still developing dynamically, although the differences between the two successive generations of a given model will not be particularly noticeable. Especially after the weaker years 2014-2016, in 2017 something finally moved, and this year we can hope it will only get better. Today we will see what manufacturers are preparing us, users, as new products in their models. Can we count on innovative solutions?

Faster updates

I know how abstract that sounds if you think about Android devices right now, but now is a watershed year. Why am I writing about something really important? This is the famous Project Treble, which in theory makes it easier for producers to prepare updates and their release process, and has support from version 8.0 of Oreo. Licensed in letters! Google even wants to force companies to use it, although looking at the example of OnePlus or Nokia, you can see that it will not be easy.

Currently, it is the Achilles heel of the entire ecosystem. Theoretically, the first devices that support this solution went on sale in 2017, so now we will have the opportunity to see how it will work in practice and if there will be more manufacturers abandoning it, or perhaps the opposite. The statistics and news about the official distribution of the update will tell the truth here. Make no mistake that advertisements do more than just create a pleasant and relaxing environment.

More cameras

Dual cameras are no longer surprising, but now companies want to go one step further and this type of system will appear more and more not only at the rear, but also at the front. After all, it is difficult to install a better webcam on the screen. Here is time for something more revolutionary: in increasingly cheaper designs we can find these modules, and I also predict that they will even offer autofocus. As few people remember, most of the time they cannot focus exactly where we would like them to be.

However, more attention should be paid to what we find on the back of the phone. I don’t mean two, but three “eyes”: Huawei had such a crazy idea and we will have the opportunity to check it out right after the official premiere of its new P20 flagships. If such a trio is successful, it will become an inspiration to others. Otherwise, it will remain a curiosity, and the creator himself will have to humbly give it up, but I doubt that this particular producer did something that would not bring at least very good quality.

NPU for help

In 2017, we witnessed the growing popularity of voice assistants. In addition, all other applications or services that use artificial intelligence began to develop and promote themselves much faster on all available channels, although many of these programs do not even deserve to be called representatives of this future trend. Well, sometimes the word “YES” was marketing gibberish.

However, it must be admitted that the rest did use modern machine learning algorithms. You can already recognize the object in the photo, understand the context of the question, remember our habits, even perfectly, but the current form is really decent. Due to this boom, processor manufacturers began developing coprocessors to support the operation of artificial intelligence. These chips are called NPUs. In 2018, all the major SoC creators will offer something original; So far only Huawei and Apple have managed to show something like this.

Less but more

Now we come to the screen, which is an extremely important element of the phone, because we spend most of our time looking at it. Here a novelty is prepared. More precisely, the frameless screens, also modeled on the iPhone X, that is, with a characteristic island, will also appear in cheaper models, because these types of panels look more impressive. You just need to run it to be amazed. A colorful image and really small frames around it – it looks great live, especially when we put a more traditional smartphone next to it.

In addition, there are many indications that in 2018 Samsung and LG will officially work with their flexible phones. Apparently, at the recent CES 2018 fair, the first of those mentioned has brought its prototype, but at the moment we do not know much about this mysterious device. I hope we meet such a model very soon. Yes, we have the ZTE Axon M, but in practice it is a phone with two screens and it is far from the idea of ​​flexibility. Certainly, something more advanced would be well received by the entire market.

Safer and more aesthetic

In all this, the issue of security remains the key. When it comes to standard methods of protecting phone access against outsiders, the PIN code, password or pattern is worth mentioning, but for several years more and more people have been using biometric scanners for this. Recently, we have had the opportunity to look for alternative readers of this type, such as iris checkers (Samsung) or face scans (Apple). However, the most popular here is the one that reads our fingerprint.

Devices with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner should show up in stores in a few months. Compared to capacitive devices currently in use, it is much harder to cheat, works faster, and can be mounted directly under the screen, saving you space under the screen or on the back of the device. However, I wonder how long it will take for producers to adopt this brilliant and finally refined solution. After all, the conversation about ultrasonic scanners has been around since around 2013.

We tell the bloatware “NO”

Phones have limited space. The small case does not allow the use of memory chips that are too large, although currently in the top models we can find up to 256 GB! However, in any case, it is important to have as much free space as possible to get started. Until now, companies have installed many unnecessary functions and applications in their models. Worst of all, they couldn’t be uninstalled at all and even lesser-known player products were affected.

Based on recently tested models, I noticed that the amount of “junk” software in them has decreased. Even fewer additional features appear on them. I am convinced that this trend will become even stronger and in my opinion it is the right direction for changes. Why unnecessary options, for example, allow you to control the phone with gestures, if they do not recognize our movements anyway? In the end, someone understood this by listening to the voices of the users.

All in one

The lack of a headphone jack causes sadness, anger and bitterness in many people, but companies are trying to reassure them. After all, they offer something better to replace the old standard. I believe that 2018 will be a year of popularization of USB Type-C headphones, which will allow better sound, and this will certainly be appreciated by the most demanding users. Naturally, you will have to say goodbye to the ability to load and listen to music at the same time, but this is the price of progress.

At the same time, Bluetooth 5.0 will go to more models. For now, we will find it in a small group, its capabilities are impressive, especially when compared to the previous generation of this standard. When it comes to mobile telephony or wireless networks, we will have to wait until 2019 for innovative technologies. Then, for commercial use, WiFi 802.11 ax will be used, with a link four times faster than 802.11 ac, and 5G. The successor to LTE in particular is highly anticipated and will open a new chapter in the history of the digital world where each device will be connected to the rest.

A year of struggle

The next twelve months promise to be fierce competition between Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo / Vivo. This year promises to be even more interesting than last year, we should get to know more unusual proposals, and at the same time, cheaper phones will get some new features. Even if no revolution is being prepared yet, we will not have the right to be bored.

What are you counting on especially in the upcoming smartphones?