At the beginning of this month we already brought you a reunion of Batman with a very special ally. Many are the stories that the superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics have lived, even living historical events or crossing paths with popular characters in our history.

In the same way they have visited and saved places that we recognize at first glance, but surely these Spanish destinations were overlooked. If so, do not worry, because we will explain them below:

  • In number 1 of the Los Defensores series, Betty Ross, in the role of Red Hulka, decided to run the San Fermines in her own way; chasing bulls, instead of running before them.

  • In X-Treme X-Men, a team of mutants led by Rogue faced the Civil Guard of Turia, Valencia. A tribute made by the artist of this collection, the Valencian Salvador Larroca.

  • In Death of X, the Inhumans and the X-Men end up fighting in the heart of the capital while following the path of a cloud that awakens the inhuman gene of ordinary people. We even got to see representative buildings of Madrid, or a fight in the middle of the M-30.

  • In the 1991 comic Blood, Sand and Claws, Wolverine and one of his arch enemies, Dama Mortal, appear in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, and Wolverine ends up living the battle of Guernica, and even befriends Ernest Hemingway and allies with the Republican side. .

  • Neil Gaiman wrote a miniseries for Marvel, 1602, in which he transferred the main figures of this universe to an era 400 years before the present. And this is when we meet the great Spanish Inquisitor, Enrique, a version of Magneto who is dedicated to executing the witch-born, protected by the alter ego of Professor X.

  • Batman number 320 takes place somewhere in Spain. In this adventure, titled The Inquisitor’s Curse, the bat must investigate the murder of two priests in a “Spanish” town full of clichés.

  • In Marvel, the Illuminati are made up of several of the most important superheroes in this universe. Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor and Professor X, to flee from the Avengers, have located their headquarters in Cádiz. Therefore, southern Spain will be the chosen setting for both number 50 of The Avengers V4, and number 49 of The New Avengers V2.

  • In The Knight of the Dragon, Killer Croc has fled Arkham, and has led Batman to Barcelona, ​​where, convinced that he is the reincarnation of the Dragon from the legend of Sant Jordi, he intends to destroy the dark knight.

  • Also Spiderman dropped by Cádiz while chasing Rino and Bullseye. And he came to fight the muscular rhinoceros in number 18 of The Spectacular Spiderman.

  • In addition to Spider-Man, Iron Man also decided to appear, again in Valencia, and again by the hand of Salvador Larroca, who turned the City of Arts and Sciences into the headquarters of Stark Industries in Invincible Iron Man number 5.

  • Finally, Red Robin dropped by the peninsula, and more specifically, he visited Madrid and Toledo, while looking for Batman around the globe in number 1 of the Red Robin collection.


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