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Why are we going to start seeing new domains like .google, .samsung, .apple or .mcdonalds?

Why are we going to start seeing new domains like .google, .samsung, .apple or .mcdonalds?

In the presentation of the Google Pixel on October 4 we saw how Google linked to his blog, whose domain is http://blog.google, being really strange to look at that it does not have a different domain. This has been the most popular of the new domains, but not the only one. The measure to be able to register any domain is already two years old, and companies like Amazon, Samsung or Apple have already applied for the new domains.

Domains of various brands such as Samsung, Apple or McDonald’s

Therefore, in a few months it will not be strange that we begin to see domains .samsung, .apple or .kindle, in addition to other non-technological companies will do the same, since for example .ford, .nike, .hbo or .mcdonalds have already been approved. Despite this, they are not as popular as people think, since most of the traffic comes from search engines, and few people already put the links manually.

Just in case, Google has made sure that its .google domain is not used indiscriminately. In order to register a web page using the .google domain, it is necessary pay $ 185,000, and you also have to pay $ 30,000 annually to maintain it. A great measure to prevent some companies from abusing it, in addition to analyzing each request.

So much money that ICANN doesn’t know what to do with it

That money it costs to apply for the domain and maintain it goes directly to ICANN, which has ceased to be controlled by the United States this month of October. ICANN is in charge of managing the DNS system that registers addresses on the Internet. This entity is non-profit making, and in fact in the organization they still do not know what to do with the money raised.

There is talk that they will use it to make registering new domains cheaper, or in research to improve the stability and security of the Internet. Be that as it may, using the domains of private companies as a source of financing is a great way to earn money through what we could understand as a kind of advertising or better positioning.

Despite the cost of the initial investment, many companies like Google will see this investment profitable, since domains add differentiation with respect to other services. Renting a domain can be very lucrative for these companies as well. The Dominion .shop is owned by GMO Registry after you have won a bid for $ 41.5 million, and the domain .Web is owned by NU DOT CO, which won a bid of $ 135 million.

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