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Why does the Windows calculator show different results than iOS and Android?

Why does the Windows calculator show different results than iOS and Android?

The calculator is one of the most useful tools in both Windows and mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. The problem is that the basic Windows calculator does not give the same results Before the same data entered in the calculators of mobile operating systems, and this can bring more than one problem to a user. We are going to explain why it happens and how to solve it.

An update to be used with care

Microsoft updated the Windows calculator for Windows 10, giving it a more complete and pleasant design, and with a panel on the right side that showed the history of operations so as not to have to write down the results or resort to the memories, since just by clicking on it, the result of the operation can be used for new operations.

The Windows calculator includes various modes, such as calculating dates, converting distances, temperatures or volume. As standard, the calculator comes in standard mode, which generates a few problems if you are not careful when entering the data.

If in standard mode you enter the operation 2 + 2 * 2, the order of operations tells us that the multiplications are done first and then the additions, giving 6 as a result. The problem with the standard Windows 10 calculator is that it performs the operations as we enter the data, and it does not respect the order of operations.

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Thus, if we enter that operation in the Windows 10 calculator in standard mode, the result it gives us is 8, because it first solves 2 + 2, and then multiplies it by 2. In the standard modes of the iOS and Android calculators this does not happen.

To solve this problem in Windows, the only option we have is use the calculator in scientific mode, selectable in the upper left tab of the application. This calculator mode does respect the order of operations, so we can enter them without concern, with and without parentheses.

Phones calculate well in any mode

Android and iOS stock calculators work correctly, both in its scientific mode and in its standard mode, without having to enter any type of parentheses, so it will be necessary to see if Windows decides to fix this situation, or on the contrary decides to make the scientific mode the serial mode. The standard mode is very limited and it makes no sense to use it with the scientific mode existing.

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