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Why Restart Android to Fix Most Errors

Why Restart Android to Fix Most Errors

The quintessential solution to any problem you can imagine. Doesn’t work well?

The quintessential solution to any problem you can imagine. Doesn’t work well? Restart. It doesn’t matter if we talk from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Any electronic device will likely have to be reset if it fails. Fortunately, in most cases it works.

We’ve reached a point where everyone recommends turning it off and on again. In fact, when I have problems with my Wi-Fi router and I call technical service they don’t seem to have another solution, . Although, Ever wonder why a reboot can fix so many different bugs?

The smartphone is a constantly moving system

For starters, the user must take into account everything that their smartphone does when they use it on a daily basis. When using an application like WhatsApp, the device is constantly storing new files, conversations, multimedia files and all kinds of data. We’re talking about a constant flow of information going in and out of the device.

On the other hand, we also have applications that are in the background, those that the user has opened but is not using, and which remain active thanks to RAM. Again, a multitude of resources consumed. Operating systems like Android have evolved a lot, and that’s why the management of that RAM is increasingly efficient. No need to close applications for the system to work correctly. However, they remain in the background..

As you can see, we are facing a constantly moving system, in which numerous files are created and saved at any time, some permanent, some temporary. Major resource consumption can overheat the device and even cause it to crash, but why would a reset help?

These are the reasons why restarting your Android is a good idea

Turning off the device will complete all mentioned processes. the smartphone you can rest and get rid of the garbage that was generated while we were using it.. Trash? I’m referring to all those temporary files and data that are scattered across a terminal after using different applications.

Anything that doesn’t work for a smartphone, such as cached data, can disappear on reset. to speak clearly, the terminal will be able to get rid of the ballast and end with large number of processes that consumed your resources.

Many of the problems with a smartphone can be solved by doing a reset. We’re talking about software and hardware failures, and this applies to virtually any type of device, be it a smartphone or a television.

You already know, a simple reset can free your smartphone from many unnecessary heavy tasks. In fact, although we’ve said that operating systems have come a long way, It never hurts to let our smartphone rest by turning it off every now and then. On the other hand, even a can improve overall performance if they do so after a few months of use.

Source | Viral Technology