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Why won’t my iPhone or iPad automatically connect to Wi-Fi?

Why won’t my iPhone or iPad automatically connect to Wi-Fi?

Did your iPhone or iPad suddenly stop automatically connecting to known wireless networks, such as your home Wi-Fi network? This is a common question for iPhone 11 users, but it sometimes comes up for other Apple devices as well. It does not necessarily mean that the Internet does not work on your iPhone. A setting on your device is more likely to be the culprit, but it’s easy to fix. Let’s learn how to change or reset Wi-Fi settings so that your device automatically connects to Wi-Fi again.

Automatically join networks on iPhone and iPad

Auto join saves you a lot of hassle by avoiding having to manually select your preferred Wi-Fi network every time you are in range. Sometimes, however, this setting can be disabled and you will lose the automatic connection to that Wi-Fi network. This problem is annoying, but it is easily fixed. Here’s how to enable automatic network connections on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. To get started, open Settings and touch Wifi. Your preferred network should automatically appear near the top of the screen, but it will not show that you are connected yet.
  2. Tap on your Wi Fi network and look for a switch labeled Auto-Join. This switch is probably off, in which case it will not be green.
  3. Click on Automatic joining Turn it on. This allows your iPhone or iPad to automatically join this specific Wi-Fi network whenever it is in range, which is a good option for secure networks like private home Wi-Fi networks.

You may need to verify these settings for each of your preferred networks in the places you visit, such as work or home.

This is the most common solution for network problems with iPhones and iPads automatically joining networks, but if you’re still having trouble, you may want to check out this more detailed guide for more troubleshooting.