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Wiko Harry 2 Review, Affordable and Functional

Wiko Harry 2 Review, Affordable and Functional

The Wiko Harry 2 is a phone that positions itself in the entry range relative to other Wiko family members. With nice specs, your main selling point will be your price.

French Wiko continues to bet on a range accessible to all portfolios, but without compromising the quality that we are used to.

The Wiko Harry 2 is a phone that positions itself in the entry range relative to other Wiko family members. With nice specs, your main selling point will be your price.

Wiko Harry 2 Affordable and Functional

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They are looking for a phone with a big screen, but they are on a tight budget, well the Harry 2 is a good option. For around 100 euros and available in a colorful range. The Harry 2 doesn’t offer an amazing range of specs, considering the range it’s in, but it’s its price that sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

In this article you will find:


Model Wiko Harry 2
Release date august 2018
dimensions 71.3 x 147.6 x 8.4 mm
Weight 150 g
Screen IPS 2.5D – 5.45 inches 720 x 1440 with 295 ppi
Processor ARM Cortex-A53, 1300 MHz, Color: 4
RAM memory 2 GB
Internal memory 16 GB, expandable via microSD card, microSDHC, microSDXC
operating system Android Oreo 8.1 (Wiko Mask)
Rear Camera 12.98 megapixels 4160 x 3120 pixels
Front Chamber 5.04 megapixels
Drums 2900 mAh, Li-Polymer


the harry 2 it has a plastic construction, its back is matte and with a light touch of pearl. It is available in four different colors: turquoise, red, dark gray and gold. The back cover is removable, and behind it we find the battery which is removable, two SIM card slots and a microSD slot.

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Weighing 150 g, the Wiko Harry 2 is a relatively light phone, making it easy to use with one hand. Also, its rounded edges and 2.5D glass help with the grip when you have to use it with one hand.

Unfortunately, the rigidity of its frame leaves a lot to be desired, and with some pressure applied to its back, it makes the lid pop out.

But not everything is bad, at the bottom we find a MicroUSB port with support for USB-OTG and a microphone. On the top of the phone we still have a 3.5mm audio jack, the left side is completely smooth. While the right side allocates the volume and power buttons, this one has a light texture to differentiate it from the others.


The Harry 2’s screen is 5.45 inches with an 18:9 aspect ratio with a native resolution of 1440×720. When it comes to the screen Wiko has simplified it, with Harry 2 not incorporating a notch, and we have two pretty visible edges.

However, it offers a screen with an above-average brightness and similar to View 2. And without that yellowish tinge we saw in Wiko View 2 GO, which is a plus considering its range.


The phone comes with Android 8.1 pre-installed, and there is no information about a possible update to Android 9. The latest security patch is from October 2018 and therefore somewhat outdated. The overall Android experience is stock despite running with a Wiko mask on top. However, during the device configuration phase some “bloatware” was suggested to us. Since some was already pre-installed on the device. And that spoils the user experience we have with Android Stock.

In addition, and perhaps the point that surprised me the most about Harry 2, is that we can count on Face Unlock. It’s not the fastest I’ve tested, but we’re talking about a device that costs 100 euros.


The MediaTek MT6739 processor that comes with Wiko Harry 2 is an entry-level SoC. And although it is by no means a fast processor in its category. Effectively more than enough for most everyday applications. But compared for example with the Nokia 2.1 with a Snapdragon 425 processor, one year apart.

I got the feeling that Wiko Harry 2 in some ways had a harder time responding. When browsing the web, image loading was noticeably slower than expected, and sites took longer to render than I would have liked.

As for the most quantitative evaluation, Harry 2 got a score of 587 in single core and 1639 in multi core in benchmarks and 39111 points in Antutu.

While it is possible to play with Wiko Harry 2, they will be limited to less demanding games. Some games, like the doesn’t even work, since the developers code some hardware restrictions in order to offer a better experience to the users. However, other games that are simpler, and without great graphic demands, is already possible.


The Harry 2 has cameras with a single lens on both sides, and uses the app that offers a few extras. Like professional mode, time lapse, filters, bokeh effect, among others.

The 5 megapixel sensor offers basic photos for your selfies and with some noise, which becomes clearer when you zoom in on the photos. Also, the colors seem to get distorted, and the bokeh effect and beauty mode are very aggressive. But it’s not all bad, the Harry 2 comes with an LED flash on its front, which makes it possible to take selfies in dark environments.

The main camera has a 13 megapixel sensor and captures decent photos, especially if the ideal light conditions are present. But brighter areas are more exposed, and photos are grainier overall. In poor lighting conditions and without using the flash, exposure and focus are poor. Videos are captured in 1080p at 30 frames per second. Movements are captured without problem, however the camera was quite slow and gradual in adapting to changes in light.


Power consumption for Harry 2 is expected for this particular processor. In other words: power consumption is comparatively high, even in low load scenarios. Even with the 2900 mAh battery that comes with the Harry 2, the phone’s autonomy is around 16 hours. So it is possible to get a day of fair use, taking into account your use, of course.

However we have to take into account that Harry 2 has a replaceable battery, if you buy a second one, they will double your usage time, no need to charge the phone.

And speaking of charging, the Harry 2 with the included 5 W power supply, the phone took over 2 hours to charge.


Even though it is the second generation of the Harry family, the Wiko Harry 2 remains an affordable phone with a big screen capable of meeting basic needs. There are several important features, such as a display with a high contrast brightness, and an adequate overall performance. They can count on a phone with a decent battery life, especially considering that the battery is removable, and the phone’s phone autonomy can easily be doubled.

However, for a smartphone around 100 euros we will always have limitations. In the case of Harry 2, these include, the case of being structurally weak, the slow web browsing performance, and lastly, the cameras that could be better for those occasional moments.

Wiko’s Harry 2 is a decent smartphone for anyone looking for a cheap but decently equipped smartphone.


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