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Will Too Human be released on May 6?

Will Too Human be released on May 6?

Long in production and still highly anticipated among hack-and-slasher fanatics is of course Too Human. A release date is still very unclear, but that may now change. According to retailer EB Games, Too Human will be released on May 6.

Obviously this is just a rumor and it would be a dubious date, a week after the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. However, retailers have often been right, so we eagerly await an official statement.

In Too Human, the entire universe is controlled by a superior force of different robot races with all kinds of bad intentions. You play Balder, a human who, with the help of biogenetic adaptations and powers, is a veritable nightmare for the aforementioned enemy. Together with a small rebel army you have to make sure that the hardware stores are scrapped and can no longer harm anyone.

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Too Human is expected to be released for the Xbox 360 in May.