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Windows 10 has a good start

Windows 10 has a good start

Microsoft Windows 10 seems to be getting pretty well received, and is already installed on more computers than OS X Yosemite.

More than a month has passed since the premiere of Windows 10 and already installed on more than 5% of personal computers in the world (according to statistics Net Market Share). This result puts the latest Microsoft operating system ahead of the newest and most popular Mac operating system – OS X Yosemite, which was released in November last year!

But Windows 7 still rules the world of operating systems and will likely remain so for a while, currently accounting for 57.7% of global installations of desktop systems.

The chart below excludes mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, which are currently installed on more than 1 billion devices annually – far more than the forecast of 300-400 million computers in 2015.

The chart from Statista shows the global market share of operating systems in August 2015 for desktops and laptops.

Share of desktop operating systems in August 2015

One of the reasons why the adoption of Windows 10 is doing so well is its price, or rather the lack of it. Microsoft provides the latest system update for free, so anyone with Windows 7 or later can install it over the internet.

1. # Windows10: More than 75 million devices running Windows 10 – and growing every day. 1/10 pic.twitter.com/g0kqGizU0c

– Yusuf Mehdi (@yusuf_i_mehdi) August 26, 2015

source: Statista – Windows 10 Is Off To A Good Start