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Windows XP back in Windows 7

Windows XP back in Windows 7

Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 manages to win over many computer users even before its release. A newly announced feature may convince even more doubters.

A problem with Windows Vista and also Windows 7 is that a number of software packages simply do not work under these systems, while Windows XP is not a problem. For Windows 7, a virtualized Windows XP, called Windows XP Mode, will be released. This means that, where necessary, a completely working Windows XP will run within Windows 7. The software will not see the difference and will work as before. Perhaps useful for a number of games that you still wanted to play?

A virtualized Windows XP is not that special: that is already possible. The difference is, however, that a separate license is currently required for this and not for Windows XP Mode. Conditions are that you use a processor that supports virtualization and that you use Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate.

XPM will be available before the release candidate for Windows 7, which will be released in early May. The retail version of Windows 7 is expected by the end of the year.