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Winners of the Material Design Awards 2016

Winners of the Material Design Awards 2016

Google has just announced the winning mobile apps in the Material Design Awards 2016, in five categories!

Since Google introduced design in Materia Design (MD for short) to I / O in 2014, it has placed more emphasis on mobile app design than ever before. “Google Design” has become a separate style, and among the initiatives promoted by the giant in order to popularize the aesthetic sense of the application is the Material Design Awards competition. Today, 5 winners of this year’s Material Design Awards 2016 have been announced.

Of course, the awarded Android mobile applications must be designed in the Material Design style, which is well known to Android users and Google websites such as the new AdSense.

In fact, Google has clearly been selecting those apps that better represent the different components of Material Design than link all the design elements together. As with last year’s award winner, Google highlights specific aspects of MD that were used in the development of the application to adequately represent its own brand.

Here are the awarded applications in this year’s edition of the competition (by category):

Winners of the Material Design Awards 2016

Brand Infusion – in the first category of Brand Infusion, the Asana application was awarded – which is characterized by a perfect combination of efficiency and transparency, so as not to distract users from the actions performed in the application.

Charming Engagament – Fabulous app was awarded in this category! Motivate Me – an application designed to motivate you to achieve your goals. Indeed, the app is very nicely designed, even at first glance it attracts attention and encourages you to use it.

Creative Navigation – the trophy in this area went to the Japanese C Channel application, whose main task is to help you find countless movies. Smooth and simple navigation allows you to easily navigate and find a variety of video categories from studio videos to user-posted tutorial videos on fashion, food and travel. Everything is presented in a clean and intuitive tab interface that can be easily scrolled on your smartphone. The application full of gestures allows you to easily navigate through a huge database of videos.

Expressive Layouts – in this category, the Kitchen Stories app was on the podium, offering easy-to-read and make recipes in many different variations. All elements and contents of the interface have been intelligently arranged to minimize the need to touch the screen with dirty fingers – this is crucial, for example, when kneading dumplings … I do not know if there is such a recipe 🙂

Focused Efficiency – the award in this category went to none other than Airbnb. Google insists that fast is better than slow – this philosophy applies to a beautifully designed Airbnb app that needs no introduction. Simple and quick booking and viewing of places are undoubtedly the greatest advantage of this solution. Fortunately, nothing comes at the expense of the device’s performance, the photos are of good quality, the typography and consistency have been used with caution and the discreet branding has been used equally successfully in the iOS and Android applications.

And for you which application deserves the Material Design Awards 2016? Let me know in the comment, and I would like to congratulate all mobile applications awarded this year!

source: Google Design