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Without notice: Video platform “Yahoo Screen” is history

Without notice: Video platform “Yahoo Screen” is history

Yahoo has given up Yahoo Screen, the company’s video hub. The platform integrated two years ago was home to original programs (Saturday Night Live) and licensed content. With the closure, the American Internet portal continues to shrink

The VoD provider was discontinued without prior notice. The plan is now to rearrange the video content in different Yahoo sections so as not to lose the existing content. Streamed concerts from “Yahoo Screen” are now located in the Yahoo Music section. In total, more than 1,000 hours of programming were available on “Yahoo Screen”, including eight original series. “The video material from Yahoo itself and our partners was transferred from Yahoo Screen to our digital magazine sections, so that users can discover additional offers on their desired topics directly in the same place,” said a Yahoo spokesman for the US industry service Variety. The service, which started in September 2013, turned out to be a total failure for Yahoo from an economic point of view.

Tech crisis at Yahoo

It is currently unclear whether the end of Screen will also result in job cuts. The death of “Yahoo Screen” is another dose of bad news for the struggling tech corporation. CEO Marissa Mayer’s lackluster turnaround efforts have brought nothing but chase high-level executives out of the company. In addition, many employees were laid off, as reported by the influential technology news site “All things D”.