Lovers of horror can now travel to a place where every single nightmare comes to life in a few bits, and the Old Gods dance a death dance over their humiliated corpses.

If you can’t stand the very pixelated and retro stuff, don’t even scroll… that is, don’t close your browser, because J-horror takes on a whole new meaning in the World of Horror, which was made available early on Steam but has been around for years. On the one hand, the concept is interesting that a 1-bit roguelite horror RPG shakes the mood, but if we add to this the special visual world of the manga composer Itó Junji, which had the biggest impact on the developer besides Lovecraft’s work, it’s somewhere understandable why he’s crazy. and the internet from this amazingly old-fashioned text role-playing game. Did anyone mention Lovecraft’s name? I said it’s worth staying here – even if it doesn’t take me to a heart attack.

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When everything comes together

Even the black-and-white drawing style itself frightens the person, but then we don’t even know what we’re up against. Well, with essentially everything imaginable, because the small town where the game takes place is a victim of evil forces, it’s essentially already a kind of hellish area where everything you can imagine happens and the doom is approaching unstoppably. In this unfortunate state, we have to search for the mysterious cases that can be chosen to protect our home, then to confront the horrors and the consequences of their horrible deeds at different points in the room, and then to destroy / send the unclean forces home.

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The school, the local forest, the beach, or the hospital all cover the deterioration within its walls, while we come across human corpses, inexplicable phenomena, and creatures in addition to the elements that are important to the story. Survival is aided by the various cards we can take with us, while also having to fight from time to time, of course in a turn-based manner. It’s all like a traditional adventure game, with some dungeon crawler elements, while the result is tossed into a huge, bubbling cauldron in which J-horrors and lovecraft effects are steaming. The atmosphere of the whole thing is amazing, although the effect is simple from an audiovisual point of view – although this is more cheating at first glance.

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You’re dying random

To feel the tremendous love and admiration for the genre and influences throughout the World of Horror, which is realized in the form of a truly creepy work. There are no dazzling solutions here, no modern technological feats, so only the very harsh atmosphere remains, plus everything that fits into the frame because of the technological sacrifice. We could watch VHS on TV, peek into the outside world, change clothes and characters, and manage to pay attention to a lot more every little thing that most of us wouldn’t have sacrificed time and energy for. The result is a complex worldview that rightly bears the title of World of Horror, which also summarizes the genre.

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Of course, the game will still improve a lot, there may be bugs and more or less problems for now (the interface, for example, needs to be very used), but fortunately developers are listening to the feedback and even listening to it as they go according to pre-laid plans. There will be more characters, a mystery to solve, a usable object, an unexpected event, although the options already offer many different alternatives. That’s why we’re looking forward to the World of Horror, after all, the creepy early version already has a polished feel, it’s still full of content, and it represents a style we can’t really come across these days. Of course, it can scare many away with its old solutions, but those who want something special and (J-) horror fans will love it.

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EXTRA – according to wilson:

Although they have already been bought with the art design and the theme for a pound the eighties and Japan is quite a percussive combo -, but fortunately the gameplay and content also proved to be at least as good as first impressions. I’m not entirely happy, the interface is a bit chaotic and noisy, which the practice will most certainly compensate for, but with clarity, it’s pretty certain no one will blame World of Horror. With its uniqueness and ingenuity all the more, for me, this is by far one of the most interesting pieces in the genre from recent years, not only is it not afraid to innovate, but it also dares to try things that other games are not very good at.

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