A series of leaks and some patent entries will come with a pretty serious PSVR next to the Playstation 5, of course there is no official announcement yet.

  • The Playstation 5 may come with a new PSVR
  • A whole host of information has come to light

For now, they’re only asking for the following to be treated as a strong rumor, until the official announcement – not because it would be so unbelievable, but if it’s true, the new PSVR will be a pretty big step forward. The first and most important innovation is that the headset will be wireless, expected to run for 5 hours. Instead of the current 1920 × 1080 resolution, the display will count at 2560 × 1440 pixels with a 220-degree viewing angle and 120 Hz refresh rate – all for just $ 250.

Additional patent entries show that Sony is also thinking about sensors that follow eye and head movements, and an accelerometer and gyroscope can help you track movements more accurately. Eye tracking (using pupil and eye distance measurements) would adjust the image to the individual, reducing the load, while the so-called “foveated rendering” displays the part of the image we are looking at in greater detail, saving resources.


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