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Xblitz AERO PRO review – portable, foldable, remotely controlled and with a built-in battery. No, it’s not a drone. It’s a mobile fan 😱

Xblitz AERO PRO review – portable, foldable, remotely controlled and with a built-in battery. No, it’s not a drone. It’s a mobile fan 😱

ANDThe African temperatures that have been with us for several weeks make it much more likely to stay longer at work, where there is air conditioning, which unfortunately I do not have in my apartment. The more I was happy with the Xblitz AERO PRO, which I received for testing, because it allows me to relieve the heat a little. However, the biggest advantage of this device is not the fact that it is a fan, but the fact that it is a fully mobile and remotely controlled fan.

The Xblitz brand is known to APPLEMOBILE.PL readers rather for interesting car cameras or mobile speakers. AERO PRO is something completely new in the offer of this manufacturer and I must admit, extremely original. This fan is like a transformer, it can transform from nothing into a small or very high fan, which we can take wherever we want – in a tent, on a plot, to a swimming pool or simply to a balcony.

It does not need a power supply from a socket because it has a built-in battery.

The fold-out headband allows you to make a device almost a meter high in a few moments, then fold it, put it in your bag and take it home. The weight of the device does not exceed 1.4 kilograms, so it’s not bad.

The folded Xblitz AERO PRO looks like a container with fan blades inside. In this form, it is easiest to transport or conveniently stow it in a wardrobe after the end of the summer season.

When you need a fan, just lift its top and tilt the fan wheel to the position that suits you best.

Additionally, you can adjust the height of the boom to match the desired height of the fan. It is very useful depending on whether we want to put a fan close to us on a table or desk, or on the floor at a greater distance.

The control panel is the base of the device with a built-in battery, but also touch buttons for operation and an infrared sensor.

Inside this base there is a place for a small remote control. You can remove it and use it to remotely control the fan from a distance of up to 4 meters.

The base also has a built-in motor to rotate about its axis by 90 degrees. Thanks to this, we can start the “blowing” mode so as not to blow air constantly in one direction.

The set includes a USB-A cable with a C-type plug. This plug is connected to the base to charge the built-in battery. The set does not include the power supply. We can charge the batteries with a smartphone charger or from a computer USB port.

The built-in 10800mAh battery, depending on the operating mode, can power the fan for no less than 7 hours, up to a maximum of 28 hours.

The base has a small lamp that can be used before falling asleep or in a tent. Maybe it will not brighten up the room, but it is enough to find a glass of water or tablets at night.

The function of programming the working time, after which the fan automatically turns off, makes the use of this fan in a bedroom or even just in a tent perfect before falling asleep.

Unfortunately, you can only program 4 timers at 1 hour intervals. This means that the first press of the programming button will turn the fan off after one hour. However, each subsequent one will add another hour to the countdown of turning off the fan. You can press the button up to 4 times. The fifth press turns off the timer. Does Xblitz AERO PRO really bring relief? Definitely yes! I use it in my office, where I put it behind the monitors. I extended the telescopic arm so that the fan was above them and tilted it slightly downward so that it was blowing at me.

The big plus is that it is relatively quiet. It is only on the highest programs that you can hear the noise of the air pushed by the blades. The fan offers 3 speed levels – from weak to very strong. There is also a fourth step called – natural. It consists in the fact that the fan blows gently and at times accelerates to give us the effect of a blowing wind. Nice feeling.

To sum up

If the current heat does not allow you to function normally and you are looking for a device that will allow you to breathe a little, then the fan Xblitz AERO PRO is a great choice because it is not only a fan that you can use at home like any other, but also a mobile device that you can easily take outdoors and use wherever you want.

Attention! We got a tip that you can now get it on the Xblitz website 100 PLN discount after entering the code THE HEAT

Xblitz AERO PRO review – portable, foldable, remote controlled and with a built-in battery. No, it’s not a drone. It’s a mobile fan 😱

Benefits Defects
  • A capacious battery that provides up to 28 hours of work
  • 4 fan modes
  • Quiet and strong breeze
  • Remote control
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Built-in light
  • Can’t control from APP 🙁