Xiaomi is a brand known all over the world – including Poland, where despite the great plague of memes and jokes on the Internet, it is doing very well. The company creates products of excellent quality, an example of which is the Mi Box S. If you have a free HDMI input and your current TV set leaves a lot to be desired – read on!

What is Mi Box S at all?

Mi Box S is an adapter for an Android TV. Thanks to it, we can freely install applications available in the Play store – games, services, and even screen savers. The choice is huge, so you will surely find something for yourself. This device allows you to watch movies, even in 4K, in any application such as Netflix and YouTube, play games, check the weather and the like. We can also use the web browser to check news or enter a favorite portal that we will not find in the Play Store. I will cover a few applications that I recommend later. The set also includes a Bluetooth remote control, necessary cables (HDMI, power), batteries for the remote control and user manuals in Polish.

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Ok Google, turn on the Mi Box …

The Google assistant has been installed on the device. While using the equipment, you can ask him for anything you need – an hour, volume up, and the like. You can also set it to run Mi Box in a given room with a command, or ask it to turn on a given music video / movie in a selected service. Do you need anything more?

Differences from the predecessor

The Mi Box we are discussing in this article is the S version. Its predecessor looked a bit different – it was a bit less modern, it had a different arrangement of buttons on the remote (it did not have, for example, the Netflix app button and the Google assistant call). The newer version runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, provides 60 fps (twice as much as its predecessor) when viewed in 4K quality. Besides, it is a bit lighter. However, these attributes cost – about PLN 30 more. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes.

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Daily use

Every day, I use the Mi Box a lot. During the meal, I watch tapeworms on TVN Player, and when I clean – I listen and look at my favorite music videos. I also use a screen saver, so when I read or study something – I can constantly observe the weather, the time and the most important news from the world. These are small things that I would miss without this miracle. As befits Android, a lot can be changed – from the appearance to slightly more advanced options. Thanks to this, the device is personalized in terms of the user who uses it.

Featured Apps

  • Netflix – a service offering various films and series, which has been installed from the very beginning. If you have purchased a package, it would be a sin not to arrange meetings with friends from time to time while watching a good movie!
  • Spotify – if you do not have a loudspeaker or the appropriate equipment to play music, Mi Box will gladly take over the role of a DJ. Don’t refuse him!
  • AirScreen – if you want to transfer the screen from your smartphone to a slightly larger one, get this application. Thanks to it, you can quickly show your friends vacation photos or videos from the gallery. However, there are many more options.
  • Steam Link – play games from your Steam account on Mi Box!
  • Google Drive – if you store photos, music or movies on the Google drive, install it also on this device. Thanks to this, you can easily open the selected file, and constant synchronization will make your life easier.
  • WP Pilot – sometimes you want to watch something on TV? Thanks to WP Pilot, after watching a short commercial, you can choose any channel and watch live TV.
  • YoWindow – an improved screensaver that will show them on the screen depending on the weather conditions in our town. We can choose the airport, city, village (and more) theme. If we see rain outside the window, Mi Box will also show it. In addition, it will display basic information, i.e. date and time.
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Give a new life!

There was a monitor … But it washed off. The set-top box has turned it into a wonderful device that fulfills my every technological whim and allows me to feel like a TV worth much more than its true worth. It is also worth mentioning that the device is constantly updated and all errors and shortcomings are removed from it. In the current age of the Internet, we practically do not need television – and if it is, you can use the application proposed above. I do not regret buying it and recommend it to you if you need a smart TV and you do not want to spend a lot of money on it – its cost is about PLN 320.

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