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Xiaomi Mi VR: Xiaomi announces its virtual reality glasses

Xiaomi Mi VR: Xiaomi announces its virtual reality glasses

After a few months of rumors, they gained strength during the first days of this month of August that Xiaomi was going to present virtual reality glasses. Xiaomi’s presentations are time-spaced for a few weeks, probably to create more media effect, and They present the Xiaomi Mi VR a week after presenting their first laptops and the Redmi Pro.

Today, Xiaomi has announced its first virtual reality glasses. Do not think that they are something like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but rather they are Google Cardboard with premium finish and comfort.

These glasses are finished in fabric, and feature with a zipper to prevent the phone from falling while we are using them, which is one of the main fears with Google Cardboards. In this way, we can enjoy 3D virtual experiences with the Cardboard application without fear, and those that are to come with Daydream. In addition, the phone can be repositioned from the outside without having to unzip it.

Mi VR is the first virtual reality headset launched by Xiaomi. At fit phones from 4.7 inches (like iPhone 6S) to 5.7 inches like Note 7. It is recommended to use a 2K resolution phone at least if we want to avoid dizziness due to low resolutions, which occur even with phones with 1080p resolution.

In terms of materials, the Mi VR has a finish in very light lycra and that it does not irritate the skin or bother when using it, according to Xiaomi. There will be various finishes and decorative designs, and their dimensions are 201 x 107 x 91 mm, with 208.7 grams of weight. The lenses have anti-reflective protection.

Along with the virtual reality glasses, Xiaomi will launch a VR App that will offer panoramic videos, 3D movies and games designed for the headset.

The Mi VR will be available soon at a price around $ 7, which is not bad at all considering that it also includes a strip so that the glasses are attached to the head and we do not have to keep the mobile in the face as with the original Cardboard, being much better in quality than other glasses that are sold for twice the price of Chinese private labels.

For now, Xiaomi has opened a page to register in a beta only for China in which the Mi VR can be purchased and tested for just 1 yuan, or 14 euro cents. Its availability to the market has not been announced, but it should not take more than a couple of months.

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