Xiaomi has presented its Weloop GPS Sports Watch Hey 3S and yes, this device that has several of the typical functions that we can find in a smart watch or a quantifying bracelet, reminds us a lot of a device that they have in the Cupertino company , the Apple Watch Nike +. This Weloop measures 46.2 × 35.66 × 11.15 mm and weighing only 38 grams, We emphasize the weight because it indicates that we are clearly facing a product made of plastic and that despite having a good appearance in terms of design, physical appearance and others, we do not believe that it is made with premium materials.

The photos that we find on the web show a well-finished watch although it is not specified what material the watch case is made of, on the other hand the glass does clarify that we are facing a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass that covers the 1.28 inch screen with 176 × 176 resolution. The rest of the specifications are the 9-axis motion sensor, compass, gyroscope, GPS / AGPS + GLONASS, it has a heart rate sensor, bluetooth 4.2 and it is waterproof. Another important piece of information is that according to the company it is specified that the autonomy of this device is 30 days, so we are clearly in front of a clock-like quantizer wristband.

On Xiaomi’s own website we find this Weloop and without a doubt the best of it is its price, which would be about 70 euros to change. A price that marks for good a product that will surely not be launched outside of China and that in the case of wanting to buy we will have to resort to e-commerce, having clear first that this device and the application to work and store the data it will be entirely in Chinese language.


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