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Yahoo and Bing seek to become the default browser in Safari

Yahoo and Bing seek to become the default browser in Safari

The exclusive agreement with Google ends in 2015 and the door is opened for other browsers to enter Safari

Changes are coming to Safari, Apple’s Internet browser for iOS and OS X. Currently, when we do a search we are doing it through Google, as it is the search engine that is set by default on both iOS and OS X. However, if we go to Settings> Safari> Search engine, the system also gives us the opportunity to establish other search engines by default, to choose between Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Why is Google and not another the default search engine for Apple operating systems? Simply by an exclusivity agreement of several million dollars that both companies subscribed a few years ago and that placed Google in a preferential position compared to the rest of the search engines in the system.

Nevertheless, this exclusivity agreement ends in 2015Therefore, Google could give way to other search engines that have been going strong, and what better way to boost its market share than being present in the millions of iOS devices and Mac computers on the market. What search engines are competing for the place to be established by default in Safari? Two grades: Bing and Yahoo.

The representatives of both candidates would have already met with Eddy Cue and he would see Google’s replacement feasible due to the quality of both products and the economic potential that they could obtain from search ads. In fact, Apple already replaced Google in Siri in 2013 and left Microsoft’s Bing search engine by default, although users can still ask the assistant to search “on Google” if they wish.

Microsoft and its search engine Bing have an advantage over other users

As for Yahoo, the company’s CEO already announced earlier this year that they intended to become the default search engine for iOS. In addition, it recently reached an agreement with Mozilla to make Yahoo be the default search engine for Firefox. However, sources close to the negotiations reveal that Bing would be much closer to closing the deal.

As we see in The Information, Apple’s progressive detachment from all Google products and its integration with iOS has become evident in recent years, for this reason it is unlikely that the search engine giant will be able to renew another year. However, we do not have to worry, because if we want to continue using Google we can always select it from the System Settings.