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Yahoo Mail now integrates Google Drive, Dropbox and Tumblr

Yahoo Mail now integrates Google Drive, Dropbox and Tumblr

Not just email: Yahoo Mail evolves and now integrates new platforms within its Android and iOS apps. Let’s talk about Google Drive, Dropbox And Tumblr, whose accounts can now be connected to the mail client.

Google Drive and Dropbox are useful for accessing ours files on the cloud, which can be easily sent by post. Tumblr, on the other hand, allows us to search and attach GIFs, are already conveniently divided into categories.

Also, on iOS it is now possible view an instant preview of the files large, while on Android a button for instant deletion of drafts has been added and three new widgets to check your mail from.

You can immediately download the latest version of Yahoo Mail from the badges below, while at the bottom you will find the press release.

Press release

From today with the new Yahoo Mail App

you can connect Google Drive, Dropbox and Tumblr

by Josh Jacobson, Director, Product Management

14 April 2016, Milan – From today, thanks to the new Yahoo Mail App, it will be possible to manage multiple mailboxes and send e-mails directly from your favorite account as well as access your Google Drive, Dropbox and Tumblr accounts to share photos, files stored in the cloud, documents, presentations or animated GIFs.

A GIF is worth a thousand words

With the new Yahoo Mail app, users can insert animated GIFs from among those available worldwide on Tumblr into their email. Not only will the most popular GIFs be displayed, but you can choose between different categories, such as Love, LOL, Cute, Cheers, Fail, Happy, or search for the most suitable GIF for the single message. The GIF will be automatically added to the e-mail by simply touching it.

Access to Cloud Storage on the Go

The first time you touch the Cloud icon, you will be asked to connect to your personal Google Drive or Dropbox account. This will give you immediate access to all files stored on the Cloud. You will be able to search for files based on the title or the contents of the document.

Further updates:

To use the new Yahoo Mail right away, download or update the app from the App Store or Play Store.