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Yelp announces its Apple Watch app with local locations and reviews

Yelp announces its Apple Watch app with local locations and reviews

With the Yelp application for the Apple Watch we will know how to quickly find everything around us

More and more developers are launching their proposals for the Apple Watch and this time we have one of the greats. Is about Yelp, one of the information providers of Apple Maps focused on the valuation and location of the different local businesses and establishments. Now, the company has revealed what the version of the Apple Watch will look like.

The Yelp app for the apple smart watch will show you most of the information that we can currently see in the iOS version, but with the small big difference that it will be accessible directly from your wrist. This will include the location of nearby businesses, the score given by users, the opening hours to the public and even the different analyzes it has received.

The application will be based on our current location to locate all the businesses and establishments that surround us, including the possibility of filtering them based on whether they are restaurants, cafes, bars or others. We will also have the possibility of check what bars are in fashion in the area in which we find ourselves through the «Hot & New» category.

The Yelp main screen for the Apple Watch will show us 4 main categories: Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Hot & New. By clicking on any of them we can check the businesses that are around us and meet the chosen specialty criteria. We can select the business that interests us to know the distance from our location, the price range, opening hours and customer ratings.

Location, customer reviews, prices, opening hours and much more from our wrist

As we mentioned at the beginning, Yelp is one of the largest partners that provide information to Apple Maps, and it is perfectly integrated every time we do a search and click on any of the local businesses to obtain information.

In recent days, a large number of developers have announced their apps for Apple Watch. Yesterday we could see the 4 new Yahoo apps for the device, and it is still expected that such popular applications as Facebook or WhatsApp will reveal what their appearance will be like when they reach our wrist.

How about Yelp for the Apple Watch?