The appointment continues with the best photos taken by our readers. In this appointment the opening image was taken by Dario Scopelliti (with a Nexus 6) and is the most voted of the last selection. This time we wanted to choose only photos of animals, which we had discarded from previous appointments because they were too “tender” and therefore too advantageous (yes, even nerds have a heart).

If you also want to participate in this nice game, here’s how to propose your photos:

Send your photos to: foto

Please add your Name Surname and / or nickname and the phone from which they were taken.

In each appointment we will select the 10 best photos and we will ask you to vote for your favorite. This will be chosen as the cover photo of the next appointment. The photos must not be modified and the exif data must be present (i.e. it must not have been retouched or post-produced).

A note to those who have already sent the photos for the contest: if the photos have been modified after the acquisition they will not be included because the exif are absent. Anyone who has already sent photos doesn’t mind that they send them again. If the photo was taken with special settings (panorama, HDR, etc…) you must specify it.


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