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9 Setting Up the Yahoo Mail Android App to Use Like a Pro

9 Setting Up the Yahoo Mail Android App to Use Like a Pro

With the advent of smartphones, checking emails on the go has become a breeze. Whether you’re on a bus, a train, or any mountain, you don’t need your laptop – your phone will notify you when a new email arrives in your email inbox.

All email service providers have amazing Android apps. One of these applications is from Yahoo! The Yahoo Mail application offers a great set of features. To take full advantage of these features, you need to adjust a few settings.

What are these settings? Here are the top 9 Yahoo Mail settings. Before we begin, let’s see how to open Settings.

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Launch settings

To open Yahoo Mail settings, launch the app and tap the three-bar menu in the upper left corner. Then select Settings in the navigation drawer.

Let’s start with the best settings.

1. Change slide actions

Androids’ gestures have always been helpful. Either in any application or in the launcher. When you run your hand over the mail item in the Yahoo Mail app, you get two different options on the left and right hand. When you swipe your right finger, the Mark as read option appears and to the left, the Delete option.

If you don’t like these two variations, you can change the swipe action. To do this, go to the Yahoo Mail Settings and tap on Swipe Actions. Then tap Choose action for each pass to change the resulting effect.

2. 2. Enable selection mode

By default, you must touch and hold the emails you want to select. However, you can change this behavior and select individual emails by their respective selection boxes.

To enable the check boxes, go to the Settings app and check the Show check boxes.

3.3. Enable one-touch favorite option

For a regular user who uses Yahoo Mail’s Favorite or Star option a lot, the usual process is quite cumbersome. You can do this easy by displaying stars next to each email. And after that, you can tap on the star to add any mail to the star folder.

To enable this feature, enable the Show stars option in Settings.

4.Customize the notification for each account

I like the apps that allow you to customize notifications separately for each account. Yahoo Mail is one of them. If you have multiple accounts connected to the app, you can set a different ringtone and change the notification settings for each account separately.

To do this, open Settings and tap Notifications. Then enable the Custom option for each account.

Professional advice: You can customize the signatures for each account separately in the Signatures option in Settings.

5.5. Disable notifications

Are you bothered by Yahoo Mail notifications? Instead of silencing the device, silence the Yahoo Mail application. In other words, turn off notifications from the Yahoo Mail application.

To mute notifications, go to Notifications in Yahoo Mail Settings. Then turn off the Enable notifications option.

6.Change the theme

You can give the application a new look with the built-in themes. Interestingly, you can also set different themes for separate accounts.

To change the theme for each account, tap Themes in Settings. Then choose the theme for each account.

7.Enable Undo Send

Did you panic after hitting the submit button? Whether it is an email intended for someone else or missing information, we all regret that the second after sending such emails, at times like these, you can use the Undo send button.

To activate it, enable the “Allow undo submission” option in Settings.

8. Deactivate the account

Yahoo Mail has a nice feature that allows you to log out of your account without doing so. Confused? Don’t be, as you can deactivate the account. By doing so, the account will disappear from the application as if it never existed. However, if you want to check your email, you have to enable the account again in the settings by just pressing the change key. You will be prompted for the device password instead of the account password.

Deactivating an account instead of logging out saves a lot of time. If you want to try this feature, go to Settings and select Manage Accounts. Under Manage Accounts, uncheck the account option.

9. enable app lock

I’m glad to tell you that you don’t need a third-party app to block Yahoo Mail, there is a built-in feature to block the app. You can set the time after which the application will ask you to enter your PIN or password.

To enable this feature, go to Yahoo Mail Settings and tap on Security. Then enable app unlocking and choose duration.

Be careful

Believe it or not, some people still use Yahoo Mail. And as you’ve seen above, it offers remarkable features. That being said, it may not be the best email service provider due to the multiple security breaches you’ve seen throughout. of the years.

Yahoo has yet to pull itself out of the email game and continues to renew the mobile web experience for its loyal fans. Not only that, but the company is also delivering a Lite version of the Yahoo Mail app for Android Go phones.