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A successful start for Viaplay in Poland, and Polsat Box GO was a success


A successful start for Viaplay in Poland, and Polsat Box GO was a success

The first is, of course, the premiere of Viaplay at the end of July, and the second is the extinction of the Ipla.TV brand and the creation of two services Polsat Box GO and Polsat GO, whose services were launched and already promoted in August. , but the actual start is dated early September.

This is a good time to see how the VOD market has changed after these two Polish debuts.

Based on data from Mediapanel, the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal has prepared a list of the 10 most popular VOD services of the TOP10 in September.

Leading VOD platforms month by month
(Mediapanel Studio) WIRTUALNEMEDIA.PL
Domain Audit August 2021 September 2021
Users Reception Users Reception
Netflix no 11 944 260 41.37% 11 366 892 38.98%
WP.pl Yes 4,489,344 15.51% 4 487 400 15.39%
Player.pl Yes 3 312 460 11.10% 4 374 810 15.00%
Polsat GO box no 1,336,662 4.62% 3 990 546 13.68%
CDA.pl – VOD and OTT no 3 170 016 10.95% 3 060 828 10.50%
TVP.pl mixture 2 182 302 7.54% 2 810 214 9.64%
HBO no 2 887 002 9.97% 2,713,500 9.30%
Polsat GO no 648 162 2.24% 2 607 714 8.94%
Viaplay.pl no 1 269 432 4.39% 2 247 264 7.71%
nc + IR no 1 501 254 5.19% 1 243 674 4.26%


The undisputed leader here is the Netflix website and mobile app, which were visited by more than 11 million real users in September, representing more than half a million more than a month earlier. I believe that soon Netflix will be able to celebrate reaching half of all Internet users in Poland.

Basic Standard Cousin
Monthly cost * (PLN) PLN 29 PLN 43 PLN 60
The number of screens on which the service can be accessed simultaneously. 1 2 4
The number of phones or tablets that can be downloaded. 1 2 4
Watch movies, series and shows and play without restrictions
Watch it on a laptop, TV, phone or tablet
HD quality available
Ultra HD quality available

Currently (after the last increase), when buying access to Netflix, we can use three plans for PLN 29, PLN 43 and PLN 60.

WP Pilot

Second, we now have WP VOD, that is, WP Pilot with almost 4.5 million RU in September. It seems to be a stable movement, similar to the one they had in August.

You can choose from up to 10 packages on WP Pilot with various TV shows and linear channels, which are available through cable operators. Prices start at PLN 9.99 per month and the richest and most expensive package costs PLN 55.99. You can find the full list of packages at this link.


The podium is closed by the website belonging to TVN, that is, Player with 4.3 million real users per month, which is a million more than in August, and remember that as of this year this service is fully paid and no longer offers a free plan with advertising. .

The success of this strategy can be seen in its own productions, mainly series that attract viewers to this platform. The basic Player package with ads costs PLN 8 per month and without advertising PLN 18; previously it cost 15 PLN, so the growing popularity of Player implies a rapid increase. The other packages can be found at this link.

Polsat GO box

Polsat Box GO appears in fourth place. You can see that the August traffic has been split here with the second Polsat GO service, but to get a full picture of what Polsat has come up with with this rebranding, we have to go back to July. At that time, the iplaTV service was visited by 904,284 real users.

The August data shows that Polsat Box GO could already boast a result of 1.3 million, which could be explained by the novelty effect, but the September data shows that it was a good change, the website was visited by almost 4 million RU. So our national competition for Player is growing.

We can buy three packages in Polsat Box GO – Polsat Box Go Premium Package for PLN 30 per month, Polsat Box Go Sport Package for PLN 40 per month and Polsat Box Go HBO Package for PLN 25 per month.

CDA Premium

In September, CDA Premium had more than 3 million RU, both in the paid VOD service and in the OTT offer.

Access to the CDA premium costs PLN 23.99 per month, similar to OTT television.


TVP VOD can boast a traffic of RU 2.8 million per month.

You can use it for free in the basic version, the extended version with Polish and foreign series and movies is free for TVP subscribers for 14 days, then monthly access costs PLN 9.99.


HBO GO, like WP Pilot, has fairly stable traffic at the level of 2.8 million real users.

You can use it on up to five devices at the same time for a flat fee of PLN 24.90 per month. Some operators can purchase access to this service for PLN 20 per month.

Polsat GO

Polsat’s second new service is Polsat GO, available to users for free, which is surprisingly much less popular than the fully paid Polsat Box GO service.

In September, the free VOD version of Polsat received 2.8 million RU, less than the paid version, but still much more than before on ipla.TV. If this trend continues, this rebrand will be a gigantic success.


We have already reached the next premiere on the Polish market, that is, Viaplay. In the first month of operation in Poland, Viaplay had 1.2 million RU, this could also be seen as a result of new products and a free trial period, but in September this traffic increased to 2.2 million RU.

Not surprisingly, as the start of Viaplay, in addition to movies and series, you can also watch Bundesliga, Europa League and European Conference League matches. This will happen from the next Premier League season, and from Formula 1 in 2023. I think that with such a set next year Viaplay will be among the top three VODs in Poland, if not only behind Netflix.

Access to Viaplay costs PLN 34 per month after the first free month.

nc + IR

nc + GO is a service that is currently discontinued, it will eventually be replaced by Canal +, which is not yet in the top ten.

nc + GO is visited by 1.2 million users per month, in August it was 1.5 million, so you can see that users are slowly moving to Canal +.