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Actindo donates ERP starter packages

Actindo donates ERP starter packages

As a specialist for ERP systems in the field of e-commerce, Actindo GmbH supports the customers of the cooperation partner xt: Commerce GmbH. For users of the free xt: Commerce 4 Community Edition (CE), Actindo is donating 100 starter packages for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As part of this campaign, the company is making the following offer available on the xt: Commerce homepage: xt: Commerce 4 CE users receive the Actindo ERP system in the Commerce Advanced version for three months free of charge and also a voucher for a 50 percent discount on the Setup fee.

Actindo’s web-based, modular ERP software can be connected to the xt: Commerce shop software via a bidirectional real-time interface and enables all shop management tasks to be processed centrally directly from Actindo. Actindo’s offer for xt: Commerce 4 CE users applies to the first 100 interested parties, but ends on August 31, 2011 at the latest. Mario Zanier, CEO of xt: Commerce GmbH, says: “As a perfect cloud -based addition to our xt: Commerce 4 Community Edition, we recommend the Actindo starter package to all users who are not looking for a local installation solution. With Actindo you get a high-performance package for handling processes in the mail order business without major investments. “

After the three months of free use – the setup fee including the discount is 99.50 euros – the Actindo Commerce Advanced package costs 129 euros per month. According to Actindo, shop operators benefit from highly automated processes that make online trading easier and more efficient with the ERP system. From financial accounting to merchandise management and warehouse management to invoicing and dispatch processing, all administrative tasks can be carried out centrally in Actindo. Interfaces to service partners from the areas of logistics, marketing or payment processing are already fully integrated into the Actindo ERP system. The free xt: Commerce 4 Community Edition is an innovative and powerful shop software solution and offers the entire functionality of xt: Commerce Veyton. Xt: Commerce GmbH changed the licensing options of xt: Commerce Veyton in spring 2011 and in April published a completely free e-commerce solution with a full range of functions for the first time. The versions Veyton Web, Basic and Starter were replaced by the free Community Edition.