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Apple Retail Store in Poland soon?

Apple Retail Store in Poland soon?

Has Poland finally become an interesting market for the Californian giant? According to Gazeta.pl, one of the global giants involved in the production and sale of fashionable mobile phones, music players and computers will soon open a showroom in a newly constructed building in Warsaw. The new building will be erected at the intersection of Chmielna, Szpitalna and Bracka streets in Warsaw. It will be a modern building modeled on tenement houses built in the 1930s. Architects from the Atelier 3 Girtler & Girtler studio designed it to be associated with a pre-war building. It will have a sandstone facade complemented by Siberian larch cladding. The ground floor will be occupied by shops, the remaining floors are intended for offices, wrote Gazeta.pl

However, fans of the brand should be interested in the following paragraph:

The entire ground floor is already leased – revealed yesterday Robert Mandżunowski, president of LHI, which has invested some money for the construction. – No, not for the bank. This would not be conducive to the revival of Chmielna Street, which is what we care about. We have further investment plans for this street – he said. According to unofficial information from “Gazeta”, the ground floor of the New Jabłkowski House will be occupied Store with products of a global company that produces fashionable mobile phones, music players and portable computers.

Which global giant is engaged in the production of phones, music players and computers?