Apple reaches an agreement with Google Cloud to migrate some of the iCloud services

Although rival companies in many respects, Apple and Google continue to maintain strong business ties. Without going any further, a few months ago it was discovered that Google had paid 1,000 million to those of Cupertino to continue being the default search engine on iOS devices. A few hours ago, Business Insider finished revealing another millionaire agreement that would have been carried out between the two technology giants.

Apple has signed an agreement with Google to use the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure on some of the iCloud services and other Apple cloud products. According to sources, Apple would have paid between 400 and 600 million dollars to the search engine giant to make that “small” space on its servers. The main loser of the agreement? Undoubtedly Amazon Web Services (AWS) that to date was in charge of hosting some of these iCloud services.

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However, Apple has not completely stopped using Amazon’s cloud services, as well as those of Microsoft Azure, two of its confirming providers in the past. According to the editor Amir Efrati of The Information medium, who has been in charge of confirming the millionaire agreement, it will take Apple about a year to migrate those iCloud services to Google Cloud.

Although this type of movement on the part of Apple may seem strange – we remember that the company eliminated any presence of native Google apps from iOS such as YouTube or Maps -, it is expected that in the coming years Apple will depend less and less on external providers and end migrating all its cloud services to its own server platform. Well, let’s remember that the company has been building new data centers in places like Ireland, Denmark, Reno or Arizona to precisely expand the capacity of your servers.

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Apple’s goal is to migrate all of its cloud services to its own servers in the coming years.

As we read in MacRumors, meanwhile companies such as Google or Amazon will continue to benefit from this type of millionaire contracts, especially as a result of last year Google initiated an aggressive agreement closing strategy for Google Cloud, claiming to be the “leader in price and performance ”of the market above AWS.

What do you think that Apple returns to Google after the obvious separation between the two?


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