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Apple’s expansion in China is unstoppable: 5 new stores announced for February

Apple’s expansion in China is unstoppable: 5 new stores announced for February

Apple remains committed to increasing its presence in China from 15 to 40 Apple Store within the next two years.

The gigantic Chinese market is a real object of desire on the part of the big technology companies, because they know that its conquest – even if it is partial – could bring benefits of billions of dollars. Apple is well aware of this and for this reason they have once again reaffirmed their commitment to increase its presence in the Asian giant in the next two years, going from 15 to 40 Apple Store.

Is it possible to open 25 new Apple Stores in just 2 years? We have no doubt taking into account the pace of openings that those from Cupertino want to take, announcing today that by February 5 new stores will have opened in the territory. Angela Ahrendts, the world vice president of the Retail chain, has been in charge of confirming this in an interview with the Chinese media Xinhua.

Of the five new stores that Apple will open, Ahrendts has confirmed that four of them will be located in cities where the company does not yet have a physical presence. In addition, the opening of these new Apple Store will come just in time for the Spring Festival on February 19, a very popular shopping period in the country that serves to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year.

The first of the 5 new Apple Stores announced already opened its doors last week in the city of Zhenzhou, the capital of the Chinese province of Henan. The second of them is known to be located in Hanzhou and its inauguration is scheduled for next January 24. Both stores are strategically located in cities with a large number of population, Zhengzhou has 9 million inhabitants and Hangzhou with 2 million.

China is gradually on track to become Apple’s main source of income

Since Angela Ahrendts took over the global leadership of the Apple Store and its strategy, China has been a critical part of its roadmap alongside mobile payments and enhancing the consumer experience. On the other hand, Tim Cook also assured that it was “a matter of time” that China became the main source of income for Apple, a merit that the United States still retains to date.

As we see in 9to5Mac, Apple products have become incredibly popular in China in recent years, to such an extent that the black market for apple devices is a real problem in the country and gives rise to such hilarious news as the other day.