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Artificial Intelligence to achieve greater efficiency in the supply of products between companies

Artificial Intelligence to achieve greater efficiency in the supply of products between companies

The connected life begins to be articulated in the habits of consumers. Connected services have come to expand domestic functions, allowing various daily tasks to be easier to perform. Or, at least, more comfortable. Thanks to services based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology in vogue today despite being forged since the 1950s, the business world has also found a way to streamline processes, improve results and, ultimately, optimize resources in an increasingly competitive environment.

The robotization of the industry is an unquestionable fact. For a hundred years, companies that have sought modernity have focused their efforts on adapting the new technologies of the time.

The least kind face has been, however, the elimination of thousands of routine jobs in favor of machines, although Fortunately they have created other new tasks in which to put the human hand. And these advances in terms of “intelligence” are also beginning to see the light in one of the legs of the business world, which is the management of suppliers.

Gosupply, a Spanish startup, has thus found a space for growth for this technology. Founded in 2017 by the entrepreneur Jaime Velasco, the firm is committed to the creation of an “advanced analytics platform” designed to filter the “aggregate information” of each company, notifying them, in real time, “of possible risks, especially for their clients’ purchasing areas” .

This idea, still in the growth and expansion phase, is based on a “SaaS” type platform (“Software as a Service”, software as a service in Spanish) that allows monitoring of suppliers and third parties of the company all over the world. with the objective of detecting and managing any risks or challenges that may arise in the supply chain. The company’s objective is to guarantee “a more transparent and efficient management” in this usual business process. In addition, the service additionally provides a system of pre-approval and internal qualification of suppliers, “which helps customers to face decision making” within the company with detailed information.

AI has positioned itself, in this sense, as one of the fastest growing areas both at the business level and in the world of consumption. This year 2019 has opened the doors wide to this technology, as well as services in the «cloud», the «blockchain» or the so-called «Internet of Things». Various scenarios that different industries have been experiencing for some time. In fact, a recent study by GP Bullhound considers that a third of companies will incorporate artificial intelligence into their processes throughout the year.

“AI is a strategic element for business transformation and offers huge business benefits”

And not only that; Various studies suggest that AI will have a great impact on, for example, personnel selection processes in the Human Resources department and in other areas of the logistics of companies of all kinds. Examples are companies, whether they are textile manufacturing or e-commerce, which are increasingly turning to AI to advance as far as possible against their competitors. However, for many companies the complexity of fully adopting the AI can be a very complex and even “almost inaccessible task», According to various experts consulted by this newspaper. Hence, large technology companies such as Google, Microsoft or Apple do not want to give more ground to their rivals in this matter.

«Getting more companies to use Artificial Intelligence means that it is easier for them to discover, share and use existing tools and work», Say sources from the US internet giant, which recently announced a platform called AIHub aimed at companies and which focuses on simplifying the consultation and analysis of big data.

AI has been an irruption in many areas and labor sectors. On a day-to-day basis, all you have to do is browse the internet to find out about some of its applications. Search engines study habits and behaviors, self-learning algorithms are used to analyze what is bought, and even the time it is done. However, it is much more extensive than its current scope.

“AI is a strategic element for business transformation and offers huge business benefits. In addition to improving productivity, technology could also improve workers’ living conditions, since AI will take care of routine tasks, enabling professionals to specialize in tasks that add more value to the company, “he said in a statement. Gema Ruiz-Diaz, AI expert at Vector ITC Group.