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Best custom ROMs for Galaxy S4


Best custom ROMs for Galaxy S4

Best custom ROMs for Galaxy S4 after telling you about the best custom ROMs for the NEXUS 5, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now let’s move on to a new Samsung home device, the Galaxy S4.

This guide will not tell you about the best custom ROM for the Galaxy S4, but it will guide you to the knowledge of the best ROMs for this Samsung smartphone. Now, no more chatter, I’ll move on to driving.


That there was a version Google Phone you already knew about this flagship smartphone from mother Samsung, but I couldn’t not include it in the best ROMs. Stable, fast, fully functional, free of any bugs. This Rom combines a pure Android experience with stability and stability customization Without precedents.

With the form Xframework present you can change your phone to any aspect you want, changing the shape, color and size of anything. Don’t like the clock on the left? Perfect, with Xframework you can put it in the center and in a nice lime green color.

If it is customization and stability you are looking for, combined with a different system, S4 Google Edition is the one for you.

You can find two versions of the rom here and here.

Here you will find the guide on how to ROOT ANDROID 4.3 ON GALAXY S4 GT-I9505, to follow ROOT ON GALAXY S4 WITH ANDROID 4.4.2 KITKAT.

PAC Man All in One ROM

PAC ROM perhaps includes everything a user can ask for on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The ROM comes from XDA developer bluefa1con and is basically an “All-in-One” ROM for the Galaxy S4. This is basically a combination of 3 different ROMs.

P stands for Paranoid Android, a popular ROM for the Android OS, A stands for AOKP ROM, and C stands for CyanogenMod, which is another popular ROM on almost all Android devices from different manufacturers. The ROM is based on Android 4.3 and can be downloaded for the i9505 Galaxy S4.

Some additional features:

Download and info here

Darthstalker ROM

Darthstalker ROM is another great ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 and it comes from XDA developer jovy23. It is based on Android 4.2.2. This particular ROM gives users the flexibility to install the ROM according to their preferences, choosing their favorite applications, launchers and themes.

The Aroma launcher allows you to decide what exactly you want on your device, including themes, various launchers, Samsung Apps, Google applications, file managers, keyboards, music players, widgets, browsers and much more. Darthstalker, like other ROMS in this article, is stable.

Some additional features include:

For more information and downloads, you can visit this thread.

Wicked ROM

Wicked ROM comes from XDA developer evil1art and is another ROM full of additional features.The goal here is to de-inflate most of the TouchWiz UI, but keep the overall interface to give users the same feel .

TouchWiz is bundled with most of Samsung’s features to get a feel similar to using stock ROM. Wicked ROM Control allows users to customize their devices as they might in an AOSP ROM, while retaining Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.

The ROM has decent battery life, a lightweight interface, and is completely stable.

Some additional features include:

This ROM also gives users the ability to choose what they want to install of the ROM using Aroma including music players, themes and launchers. For more information and downloads, you can visit the original XDA.


Based on Touchwiz, it is a truly improved version of the stock ROM XXUEML6 and on the version ofAndroid 4.3. It includes a multitude of graphical improvements, such as the circular battery with percentage, and of course it includes the Nexus camera with Photosphere, phenomenal android news.

Al flash will offer you a series of installable software and you can decide if you want them on your device! Intuitive and very easy, never go there! It also includes the ability to manage your processor via Ktweaker. Obviously the ROM is root. It does not report any problems to any function, not even infrared, Achilles heel of Cyanogen ROMs.

So if you like Touchwiz but want more, Omega is the one for you! You can find it here on xda.