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Brussels criticizes privacy in Windows 10: it hasn’t improved enough

Brussels criticizes privacy in Windows 10: it hasn’t improved enough

The European Union has been exercising pressure on Microsoft practically from the second zero of the premiere of Windows 10, and as explained by the Redmond company I have answered to requests around the privacy care of its users. However, and as the Electronic Frontier Foundation did, they assure that not improved enough, and Microsoft will have to apply new changes to its software to comply with what is required in the European framework.

From the European Union they established direct communication with Microsoft to explain to the company that he had to modify his policy around the default settings Windows 10 operating system and shed light on the data processing that Microsoft carries out on its users. The problem posed by the European body is closely related to the telemetry system, something that was already present in previous operating systems of the Redmond firm, but that with Windows 10 has taken on a dimension of maximum relevance. About a month ago, Microsoft simplified data collection, but for the European Union it is not enough.

From Europe they demand that Microsoft be more transparent with its users. Explain what data they collect and for what, and receive their express consent.

Brussels demands more transparency from Microsoft with ‘privacy’ in Windows 10: they have changed, but still not enough

The telemetry in the operating system Windows 10 is raised with the intention of offering advanced features such as personalized advertising, the options of system diagnostics in the field of software and hardware, and other details. They are key functions among the novelties of Windows 10, and in most cases can be disabled from different configuration sections of the Control Panel –among others-. And the protests – some of them – were justified by the difficulty for users to control these types of parameters, in addition to the lack of transparency on the part of Microsoft regarding the treatment of information about them.

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Now, from the European body they recognize that Microsoft has changed its policy and improved the treatment of issues related to privacy of its users, but it is essential that they continue working on it because still not enough. They explicitly explain that Microsoft must clarify what kind of data it processes and for what. Without this information and without the consent of its users it is not valid