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Building intelligence as a way to save


Building intelligence as a way to save

You can take care of the environment even at home. Turning off the lights after you, turning off the water while brushing your teeth, sorting rubbish – sometimes simple activities bring tangible benefits. However, you don’t have to do everything yourself. An intelligent house is a convenient solution that allows you to live in harmony with nature, and allows you to save valuable time and money.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction is the future of the real estate market, primarily because from the end of 2020 the requirements of the European Union will change in this matter. According to them, only passive houses can be built, the main advantage of which is minimal energy consumption and, as a result, environmental protection.

A penny to a penny

It is important what energy class of the equipment we use at home. By replacing a C-class refrigerator with A ++, we will save up to PLN 234 for a year. On the other hand, if we give up manual dishwashing, which can cost around PLN 280 a year, and invest in an A +++ class dishwasher, then we will pay around PLN 117 for a year. There is also a huge difference between bathing in a bathtub, in which we use an average of 200 liters of water, and taking a five-minute shower for which we only need 70 liters. To save at home and at the same time take care of the environment, we can brush our teeth with the water running, it will save us from losing up to 9 liters of water per minute.

We should also look for water savings in front of the house, for example, let’s manage watering the garden wisely. New technologies will help us in this. – Based on the meteorological data collected from the weather station and sensors installed in front of the property, the intelligent system will independently develop an optimal irrigation plan? says Joanna Ossowska, marketing director of Fibar Group, producer of the FIBARO wireless building intelligence system. – Earth moisture sensors and rain detectors will send information to the control panel and watering will not start until the soil moisture drops below the desired level. In turn, if it suddenly starts raining – watering will automatically turn off? he adds.

Trust intelligence

To use energy-saving solutions more and more often, we should be encouraged by lower bills and care for natural resources. Modern technological solutions used in construction not only make life easier, but also allow you to significantly reduce energy consumption. – The FIBARO System reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%, and thermal energy – by over 20%. – explains Joanna Ossowska from Fibar Group. It is possible, among others, thanks to sensors that send information to the control panel that all household members have left the property. Even if we go out without turning off the light or the iron, a smart home will do it for us and thus avoid a high electricity bill.

? The electric energy meter, which is available in the RGBW Controller and Wall Plug modules, will prepare a detailed report based on the data and present it in a legible way using charts in the energy management panel. Thanks to this, it will be possible to accurately analyze energy consumption in individual rooms or by specific devices. This can help you make a decision – which equipment to switch off or replace with another – with a higher energy class? Joanna Ossowska from Fibar Group advises.

Savings opportunities

In everyday life, we and our household are not always able to control energy losses. Very often our children like to fall asleep with the lamp on, or they simply do not remember to turn off the light after they leave the room. How to solve this problem? FIBARO Motion Sensor will wait until it detects no movement in the room for a long time and then turns off the light for us. The house maintenance costs will also be lowered by an intelligent system that maintains the right temperature in the rooms. Therefore, it will turn off the heating where the window is open, and will also warm up the rooms where the household members are at the moment. The system also allows you to set a home heating schedule, so that heating or air conditioning will turn on just before your arrival. However, if we change our plans, we can easily set a new return time using a smartphone.

Additionally, when choosing a building intelligence system, pay attention to technical issues.
? In terms of energy efficiency, it is also very important whether the system allows the use of any type of lamp, which will protect us from using traditional bulbs that consume more energy? advises Joanna Ossowska.