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Clicking is helping. World Humanitarian Day

Clicking is helping. World Humanitarian Day

M.You can do so much with one click – and while few of us know about these sites, thousands of people visit sites every day where clicking means helping. Today, August 19 is World Humanitarian Day. This is the perfect day to start a selfless adventure.

World Humanitarian Day

This day was established by the UN General Assembly in 2008. Five years earlier, there was a bomb attack on their facility, which was successful – a representative of Sérgio Vieira de Mello and over 20 other employees were killed during it. This day is an expression of respect for the United Nations all over the world, and it also makes people from all over the world aware that aid is an important aspect and feature of a good person. All kinds of fairs, conferences and lectures are organized to educate about it. But what is the type of aid?

Humanitarian relief

Humanitarian aid is aid that is carried out by entities other than the authorities of a given country. It can be a different country, citizens, organization, volunteering, military, and so on. An example is the shipping of medicines, clothes, food. Annually, more than a quarter of a billion people need it, and this number continues to grow. We can make donations, but not all of us are financially sound. So how do you help?

Clicking is helping

Take a look at the pages I have prepared for you. Clicking means helping. It just pays off! Selflessly – even more so.


It’s hard not to be familiar with its subject – I have the impression that at least once in a lifetime each of us visited this site and clicked the magic button. Thanks to it, people with insufficient funds receive wholesome meals – in schools and many other institutions. This program has been in operation since 1998, and everything is supervised by the Polish Humanitarian Agency. It is not an unnecessary website on the Internet, because many thousands of people click on it every day. It is appreciated! Way to go.



If it is not possible to do much, it is not enough – this was the motto of St. Brother Albert. It is under his patronage that the Aid Society and its wonderful work, Okruszek, function. And although it is less known than Pajacyk, it is still eagerly visited by people who want help. Many of them donate – from 10 to 50 zlotys, once or monthly. Remember, however, that even the smallest help means a lot.


Empty Bowl

Empty Bowl is a website dedicated to animals and their suffering – hunger strike. The website takes the initiative to increase the standard of living of animals in Poland. In 2014, statistics showed that about 80 tons of food were collected, 15 puppies were saved from disease and a home for almost 1,000 pets was found. Curiosity is eating away at how much good has been done in the next five years! If you have a moment, visit the website called Pusta Miska. Karma is back!



Smiling when you are sick is an important thing. One click contributes to the receipt of the dream gift by the client. It is an interesting and different initiative than the previous ones, but still extremely loved and needed. The website features photos and stories of children whose dreams came true – there are also reports of their visits. Come on over!


Treasury of Good Upbringing

This is the last page I prepared. Skarbiec Dobrego Wychowania offers youth scholarships for good academic performance. It is a very good initiative to make the dreams and passions of the young generation of the country come true.


These are all websites that I have prepared. I hope you have clicked while reading, so also helping. Visit them everyday! See you soon!

Clicking is helping. World Humanitarian Day