After discovering some references in the app code, it is Niantic itself to confirm the introduction of the Companion mode in Pokémon GO: through it, you can choose a pokémon to take with you to the virtual world, in order to collect bonuses, mainly candies for evolutions or upgrades.

Not everyone, in fact, after capturing a pokémon of a certain rarity can capture others to get the precious candies useful to enhance it or make it evolve: through the Companion mode, every few kilometers you will get bonuses. Unlike what was supposed in the morning, the chosen pokémon it can be changed at any time, thus avoiding “blocks” to exchanges or fights in the gym.

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The modality will arrive shortly (perhaps as early as Monday), and the press release closes with the promise of more news in autumn. In the meantime, we leave you a gallery with some images of the new function; one of these raises a worrying question: it seems that for a single candy, there is a good 2 km to walk. It could be a “problem” only with Charmander, or the icon represents only the goal but not the total: what do you think?


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