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CrossFire on nForce motherboard from ASRock


CrossFire on nForce motherboard from ASRock

Motherboard manufacturer ASRock is not only known as a fairly cheap choice, but also as a manufacturer that can make very exotic motherboards. For example, boards with two different sockets. This manufacturer now has another first: it has enabled CrossFire on an SLI motherboard.

CrossFire and SLI on one motherboard isn’t new since Intel’s X58 chipset, but the ability to run CrossFire on a motherboard with NVIDIA chipset is definitely worth mentioning. The motherboard is called the N7AD-SLI and is built around the 740i chipset from NVIDIA. A benchmark proved that the technology also works: in 3DMark Vantage, two Radeon HD4850s scored 50% more points than a single copy.

All it takes is a new BIOS to get CrossFire up and running on the board. Unlike X58 motherboards, this board is already available for less than 100 euros.

ASRock is looking at the possibility of releasing a BIOS for other motherboards with an NVIDIA chipset that also adds CrossFire capabilities.