Set off on a journey through the stunning worlds of Dancing Line, where cornering depends on a good sense of rhythm.

Pend your ear carefully to catch the smallest auditory cues – even a single note can make the difference between continuing the adventure or hitting a wall!

The key to navigating the fantastic, geometric landscapes of the Dancing Line mobile game is synchronization with the music. In order to change the direction of the movement of your extending line, you need to show quick reflexes. Tap on the screen to avoid walls, barriers and other surprises on the road that keeps moving forward.

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While the rules of the game are simple, they get more and more confusing with each level. When you spot bright yellow hexagons on the road, drive through them to score extra points and unlock new levels.

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You start by following a line that doesn’t stop even for a moment. By tapping the screen and avoiding any approaching obstacles, you will notice that all the turns are perfectly aligned with the changes in the background music. The more you get to know a track, the easier it is to predict the turns and stay on track.

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You will hear signals for a turn not only in the melody – you can also listen to changes in pitch, and even in the bass part. Do you think you have a sense of rhythm and great reflexes? Try Dancing Line and see how far you can go!

source: App Store Polska


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