The Condemned 2 demo has been available to download from the PlayStation Store since late March, but Xbox 360 owners still had to be patient. Today is the moment that they too can get to work with Ethan Thomas, because a 737MB demo has appeared on Xbox Live.

In Condemned 2, you once again play the role of Ethan Thomas, a former employee of the Serial Crimes Unit. If it turns out that your partner is missing, you will be rehired. During the battles you will have access to various firearms, but melee battles are also present again. In addition, a new system of defensive and offensive combos will be developed. To solve the mystery of Condemned 2, you get a brand new set of forensic tools at your disposal.

Past events have left Ethan a broken man. He must fight against his past, using every element of his immediate environment to survive. Furthermore, the game will also get an extensive online multiplayer, with Sega saying that the Deathmatch mode will be the most brutal close-combat experience in the FPS genre.

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Condemned 2 was released on April 4 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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