The jackets used to promote the Cyberpunk 2077 have appeared on ebay at a brutal price, and CD Project RED warns against purchasing them.

  • Ebay was flooded with cyber 2077 limited edition E3 jackets
  • According to the developers, however, we buy from here at an unnecessarily high price
  • The garment will also be available in the CD Project RED gift shop

Nowadays, it is not at all uncommon for some products that are completely unavailable due to their rare or even seasonal nature to appear on ebay, of course at a very peppery price. Of course, Cyberpunk 2077 could not swim this phenomenon either: last year, for example, a game-related statue was distributed on the net at E3 for $ 500 (HUF 144,000), and this year the jacket distributed to VIP guests and the press was similar.

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The garment that promotes Cyberpunk 2077 looks very loose anyway, it should be left. One side is a bright lemon yellow, but if we turn it over, we get a more restrained black piece, played by Keanu Reeves with the logo of Johnny Silverhand’s band, the Samurai, on the back. That’s why ebay is now asking for $ 200-400 ($ 58,000 to $ 115,000) for clothing, but CD Project RED warns everyone against shopping. As described by one of the Polish developers, the garment is planned to be available in their own store, so it is unnecessary to give half of our kidneys for it.

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Please don’t buy the Cyberpunk 2077 jacket on eBay for 400 usd. The plan is to have a similar version in our store.

– Rafal Jaki (@GwentBro) on June 13, 2019


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